Praise them and kick them

The Media is seemingly playing games. I fail to understand that why are they doing this. Yesterday, the Star News show “Shaaramnak” was just more pathetic as anything worse can be.

Ofcourse there was a reason to worry but why such hysteria? India has lost many test matches and the team has failed before too. When they win, they just keep blabbering about how each individual performed but when they loose, they will poop each individual player.

Now if Sachin has hit a century and he couldn’t help turn India’s fortunes, who is to blame? Well, if you go by how the Indian Media behaves then you would be in for a surpirse. First they blamed the master blaster himself.

Why Sachin created hopes in Billions of Indians about a turn of tide and filed to finish it?

To which I would politely reply: Creating hopes is better than not even doing something.

Why can’t you take the sport lightly, without creating hatered. See the guy (bowler) who blew the top order and appraise his performace rather than creating much fuss about the non performance of the batsmen. Why cant you?

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