TGW Independence Day Ride to South Mumbai

TGW Independence Day Ride

ThrottleGun Wolves (TGW), the biker group that I have co-founded, had a fun breakfast ride to South Mumbai to celebrate Indian Independence day. Well, there has been many a debate if it is India’s 70th or 71st Independence day, we could care less as long as we are passionate about this country.

Independence Day Ride

A bunch of bikers started off from different parts of the city, and some from outside as well. The ride was planned to start at 6 am and it went according to plan. Rain did play a bit of spoil sport that day, however.

Initially, the meeting point was decided to be at Bharatmata Cinema, however it wasn’t on the way for the lot from western line. Hence, we changed the meeting point on the fly to Heera Panna market. Once there, I saw the RX135 of Pooja Sahni Pangam, one of TGW’s co-founders and could not resist the urge to ask her for a swap.

And swap I did – with her riding the Yeti.

The old world charm of RX135

I was always fascinated with how people drool over RX100 and RX135, both from Yamaha’s yesteryear stable. The 2-strokes are fun to ride, at least that is what I had heard people craving about them. They used to exist around me when I was too young to ride but no one would teach me to ride one either.

So when Pooja’s RX135 came around, I had to ask her. And from the word go, I kept thinking how powerful the RX felt, even compared to my Yeti. It took a few minutes for me to get used to it. Once I got the grip, it took me a few seconds to gun it to 80kmph. What a delight!!

The breakfast

Not withstanding the initial plan of having breakfast at Kayani Restaurant, we changed it again. This time in favor of the famous kheema pav at Stadium Restaurant, a stone’s throw away from Church gate station. To find vegetarian breakfast there did seemed difficult, but the classic bun maska and chai is an all time favorite.

So there you have it, a summary of our ride captured in this beautiful video, exclusive on Indianomics TV.


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