The Himalayan Tribe: Morbe Dam Off Road Video now live

I have uploaded a new video on my Indianomics channel on Youtube. Three fellow THTians (The Himalayan Tribe’s men) went for a off-road ride to Morbe Dam. Morbe Dam is a gravity dam on the Dhavari river near Khalapur, Raigad district. They came back with a few videos.

I loved the ones where they create a dust-burnout and decided to create a video! Turns out, they had a few more pictures and I used them. A learning from making the video is to ensure to obtain landscape video shots. My friends shot many a video in portrait mode. Not all videos make for a fit on a video which is almost always in a landscape mode.

So guys, remember. Next time you are out to shoot a video, please ensure you are shooting it on landscape more. More importantly, if you are going to take a close up as you may miss a large portion of it when the video goes under the knife.

About The Himalayan Tribe

The Himalayan Tribe has been an active community full of energetic people. Recently, we did a Service Camp in partnership with Royal Enfield (RE). RE gained a lot of feedback from bikers in a preceding meeting and decided to organize the camp. THT has active WhatsApp and forums where members connect with each other.

This camp was helped by THT Volunteers and was hugely successful. If you own a Himalayan, then you should definitely join THT chapter nearest to your location. In case you need, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter or drop in a comment below.

The video is created using iMovie on iPhone, and have used Beast of the Burden song by Rolling Stones in the background. Let me know if you like the video in the comments below.

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