My New Year Wish List

So Amazon has this wonderful feature that other shopping sites (most that I used) did not have till now. Or so I think. The reason why I have a Wish List on Amazon is because I know they have it and my shopping experience with Amazon has been better than Flipkart (recently).

Being a person with love for Website Designs, I used to browse through many designs and landed up on some of them which had a Gift List – in US, you can have a Wedding / Birthday website created with a wish list which people can send as gifts. They know what you need, and that way will not give you things you won’t need. Simple. 🙂

In India, this is not a tradition yet. Especially with Indians being so vary about online shopping (things are changing though) it is even more difficult. One of the strong reasons Indian online shopping stores have not brought in this culture. Wedding websites are still a not made for more than 5% of the wedding (I had mine done, though) and integrating such a list is not being thought upon. And with a trend of requesting a “No-Gifts” wedding, this does not even make sense.

Well, not any more with my Amazon Wish List, or so I think. So any of you who think of gifting me anything this New Year and Holiday season, you know what I want.

Go to Amazon and send me a gift and be my Santa… Ho ho!

  1. Avada Kedavra says

    Give us the link to your wishlist 😀
    Yeah I have lots of items on my Amazon wishlist and I end up buying them myself usually 😛

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Ah, this happens to me all the time. I forgot to mention the link 😛

      I have now added the link to my wish list. I think we both would be doing the same things, buying things off our own wish list.

      There is nothing great in my wish list apart from toy cars and Kindle.

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