Happy New Year! A New Theme too

Wishing all my visitors and regulars a very Happy New Year. From this new year, for me things remain largely (i.e. except date) unchanged and all I am looking forward to is having happier times ahead 🙂

I had planned for the theme change since end of last year, and here I am. I had penned good bye to my last theme Pixel and gone for Comet, a very light theme with 7 color color options and as with every other wordpress theme, highly customizable. There are some changes I wish to do now to optimize the pages to meet Google Page Speed and Y!Slow.

In the mean while, I would like to have your humble review of the color and theme in general. I am not keen on using Heavy graphics this time around. I like this color and hence pasted it in the background. Once again fellas, wishing you a Happy New Year

PS: Not that i will change this color, but yes suggestions are welcome 😛

  1. pramod says

    you could have called up asian paints or nerolac guys, or our saif bhai,
    my true feeling is the logo back ground is superb. the plain color is also good but the wow effect,. is to be acheived.
    site loads fastest now.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      hahah.. this didnt strike me.. should have participated in the Saif ka contest for Nerolac.. 😛

      thank you Promod… yep this design is there for a reason, the color is there for a reason, the header / logo background just happened coz it was otherwise looking too bland.

      🙂 am happy that site is loading faster now. Thanks to no huge background image…

  2. Deepak says

    kudos dude….

    simple aWEsome….
    at one time it looks so simple yet very impressive….

    1. Hemal Shah says

      thanks dude.. 🙂

  3. kranjini says

    Well organized and elegant!
    Happy New Year Hemal.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Thank you Ranjini.. Happy new year to you too..

  4. Nandan Narula says

    I would call it a “classy” and elegant theme. Wishing u a very happy new year and better speeds at google
    Cheers to life

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Thank you very much Nandan for your Classy comments and your wishes 🙂
      I hope to crack the speedy code soon

  5. Chheda says

    Nice, I like simple as its easy to read actual contents.

    Wish you a fulfilling and prosperous 2011.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Thanks Deep.. yep this time around i wished to keep it simple.. and thanks for your wishes 🙂

  6. Annie says

    Hey dear the color is fine, bt its giving the site kinda empty look, as in its plain and not that lively as urs always would be..anyway why are u so keen on keeping this color ;)…

    1. Hemal Shah says

      now why i am keen on this color coz for sure i know you love this one too 😉

      as far as plain is concerned, its coz I dont wanna fill it up with heavy graphics which affects the site download times on slower bandwidth. well let me think something about it then 🙂

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