Markets Rally to 19,000 – Base weak

BSE Sensex money matters

Everyone is so happy with the bull run now that the benchmark index has touch the magic figure of 19,000. Having such a run fills up the euphoria among investors who would willingly put more and more money in the markets at this point.

Whats more important to note is that markets are at the peak now and there is no fixed high or low. If you have tanked profits today and enough to your expectations, this is the right time to exit.

A correction is overdue sometime soon however wont be a big fall. A lot of good news in the market will surely come but this rally is driven by the liquidity in the market. That means a lot of people are having some money to be used and they are using it now. The stocks will be pushed up further for a few days, some even touching 52 weeks high but be cautious.

Don’t start investments in the market now. Even buying MFs at this point of time is senseless. In two words, if you are new to market: STAY AWAY.

  1. pramod says

    very nice, i been a stock broker myself, good advice.,
    only enter when everybody’s panicky,n selling
    this is the time to sell if u have.

  2. P Shah says

    a good advice at right time !
    we should stay away and wait for a fall of
    200 points in nifty.

    1. Hemz says

      Thanks Pravin! Welcome to my Blog!

  3. mayank sharma says

    Yep.. a correction is definitely due. Both in stock mrkt & real estate. Both are goin like wildfires.

    1. Hemz says

      I hope the correction in Real Estate should really happen… Its been high time since we saw the rates come down. With profits margin of more than 1000%, why are the prices going up still? I really dont understand!

  4. Mohan says

    Let us see how long it stays above that level. Hope it doesn’t fall like the way it did a couple of years back.

    1. hemal says

      It wont fall like that for sure since we are not facing a recession. For sure, correction is due.

  5. Nikita says

    Stay away !!!!

    good work..i am just too bad in all these things.

    1. Hemz says

      me neither. i just write, dont do

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