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New F1 Logo and a new Era in Formula One!

Formula1 has a new logo. And it is right in a way. The new F1 Logo is an attempt to rejuvenate the F1 style and showcase the future of F1 in the hands of Liberty Media, the current owners of F1. The new logo intends to signify the heading…

F1: An array of new cars, same old story

Oh yes, so we finally have concluded the first test and know more on how teams spent their winter. This year, the bells and whistles on car launches are far far less and many have opted for a soft, on the test day launch. Gone are the days,…

The story of dirty Noses – F1 Cars

Last year, around the same time everyone was complaining about stepped noses cones of the F1 cars. This year, pretty much the same story, only a bit dirty. If you look at the three cars in the feature image, two of them have 'anteater' type…