Is it wise to upgrade to the new Tigor 2020 BS6 – full detailed analysis & review

It is the first time I am writing anything remotely suggesting that I own a TATA Tigor. I did the Tata Tigor media event way back in February 2017 before the eventual launch of Tigor in the market, and that is when I fell in love with the car. When I went into the market to buy a car for myself, the decision was already made – if there is no other car that excites me then it will be the Tigor.

The all new Tigor 2020

New Tata Tigor 2020 edition

Tata launched the all new Tigor 2020 edition in January earlier this year. It is a comprehensive update under the hood, and hence the price has also seen an increase. Ever since the launch, I have been drooling over the updates and have been getting weird thoughts. One of the biggest factors for me has been the new safety features and the BS6 engine.

Tata Tigor 2020 BS6 Safety Features over Tigor 2018 BS4

The new 2020 Tata Tigor BS6 has significant upgrades over 2018 one. One of the most prominent is the safety area, where they have improved body structure and have changed the design to comply with the pedestrian safety norms that will be live in India from April 2020. A bonus is a confirmation from the Global NCAP, where the car scored 4* rating (I wish it had 5* like the Nexon and Altroz) – which is much better than its direct competition – the Maruti Suzuki Desire and Hyundai Accent.

  1. New front look, with pedestrian safe design
  2. Driver & Co-driver seat belt reminder (Tigor XZA 2018 has only driver seat belt reminder)
  3. Improved crash structure (4* NCAP rating)
  4. Rear parking sensors with Camera (I had camera and LCD unit installed after market, Tigor XZA 2018 only got sensors)

Digital & Infotainment

In the Indian market today, if there is an infotainment system to beat – it is the ones that comes along with all Tata cars. The Harman + JBL speaker system with the infotainment produces the best sound among all other cars in this sub-20 lakh price range. With the 2020 Tigor BS6, you get an upgraded 7″ infotainment system. Agreed, the touch screen may not be the best, however, is as functional as many other cars in the market.

The new Tigor also comes with:

  1. Digital Instrument Cluster (my XZA has analogue with MID)
  2. 7” Infotainment system (my XZA 2018 did not have 7″ LCD infotainment system, it had the normal 2 din)
  3. Voice Command Recognition (via Infotainment)
  4. Image & video playback (via Infotainment)
  5. Android AutoTM & Apple CarPlayTM connectivity (via Infotainment)
  6. Call rejection with SMS feature (via Infotainment)
  7. Incoming SMS notification & readout (via Infotainment)
  8. 8 Speaker surround sound (earlier models had 6 speakers)
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Other Tigor 2020 Features

Few other noteworthy features that are added to the Tigor are the Auto fold mirrors and push start/stop button. DRLs or Daytime Running Lamps is also a welcome addition. To add a big of the zing and sportiness, Tata Motors has given Altroz’s flat-bottom, full horn spread steering wheel to Tigor as well.

In the earlier XZA version that I own, Tata Motors had ignored adding the Climate Controlled A/C system – which now has been given to the XZA+ variant. The only let down I had was when Tata Motors decided to change the interior seat fabric from Black to Grey. They could have gone with Beige color though – it would have made the car look even more premium.

  1. Auto Fold mirrors
  2. Push Star/Stop button
  3. Day time running Lamps or DRLs
  4. Flat bottom steering wheel (with improved honk press spread, same is available in Altroz)
  5. Shark fin antenna
  6. Climate Control A/C
  7. Dual tone interiors (2018 Tigor XZA had black, which I prefer better than the grey in 2020 Tigor)

New Tata Tigor 2020 Colours

I personally liked the new colours offered on the Tata Tigao 2020 model more than on the new Tigor 2020 model. Though the new Deep Red and Daytona Grey are among the best options in my view from what Tata Motors is offering though. I would have loved if Tata Motors offered the Flame Red and Victory Yellow from Tiago on Tigor as well – image how much fun it would look on the Tigor as well! Of course, looks and colour choices are subjective.

The new Bharat Stage (BS6 or BSVI) compliant Engine

One of the biggest reasons for the slew of new car launches or upgrades is due to the Bharat Stage regulations. The Ministry of Transport, Roadways and Infrastructure decided to skip BS5/BSV regulations altogether and decided to jump from BS4/BSIV to BS6/BSVI. This marks a significant step in terms of helping the environment become cleaner and government accelerated its implementation in spite of voices from the industry crying foul.

1.2 Litre Revotron Petrol Engine is a three-pot motor, which is BS6 compliant

Diesel Engine

Tata’s have decided not to upgrade the sweet 1.0L 3-cylinder Revotroq diesel engine that used to come with Tigor. It is one of the most fuel-efficient motor in its class (nearly competing with Maruti’s 1.3 based on Fiat’s MultiJet engine). So, the all new Tata Tigor 2020 variant is only available with the upgraded 1.2L Revotron Petrol engine.

Upgrading to new Tigor

I was wondering what the cost will be to upgrade my existing 2018 Tigor XZA with the new 2020 Tigor XZA+ so did a quick calculation to find out feasibility. Here it goes I bought Tigor XZA 2018 in June 2018 costed me ₹7.36L (included accessories worth ₹24K). The new Tigor XZA+ 2020 will cost me ₹8.92L. The cost difference between old OTR and new OTR is ₹1.56L

The exchange value (max) that I have (est. valuation, not physical) is ₹6.20L (June 2018, XZA, 30,000 KMs 1st owner, owner single driver, excellent condition). Exchange value for my Tigor suggested by the Showroom evaluator is only ₹3.2L – which is a far cry for a car that costed me ₹7.36L with 30K Kms on board and 18 months of ownership.

If I get to sell my existing Tigor for anywhere around ₹6.20L, I would pay ₹2,72,000 more (plus interest that I paid on loan over last 18 months).

I have already completed 30K+ kms on the Odo in last 18 months, car has P2P subscribed for 2.5 more years, insurance renewed till June 2020. I will only have 45K KMS more warranty left, approximate part replacement + service costs pegged at ₹30,000 for next 18 months (on the conservative side). Tyres will have to be changed in next 10K Kms, so that is additional ₹20K. Net expense increase then will be around ₹2L if I take about 70K off in future expenses for next 18 months including warranty costs. Interest cost was at ₹80,000 till next month’s EMI.

In summary…

If I must look at the value for ₹280,000, there is a lot to get so it still makes sense, but not overwhelmingly so. It now all depends on how good a valuation I can get for my car in exchange. Since it is a facelift but new launch, the new car will not come with any exchange bonuses or discounts – however if you wait for long to exchange Tigor with Tigor, then your old car’s valuation is only going to be less.

Since it is a Tata, valuation will always be an issue, won’t get similar valuation like the tin-cars Maruti makes till the market improves. It suffers from Tata’s image of the rickety Indica’s and cheapest car Nano. It is the rigidity with which people refuse to accept the change at Tata Motors the reason I am very vocal about them. I own a Tigor, have had issues with it and have it resolved. I am incredibly happy with the ASA now from when I had bought my car. For a company to show that much of an improvement over 18 months is huge.

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  • Chintan

    I have booked XZA+ yesterday. The resale value which you mentioned for your old car is also my biggest concern. Hopefully, the market will recognise the true potential of Tigor features and quality in 5 years. Will get a good resale value in 2026 🙂

    • Hemal Shah

      Congratulations on booking the Tigor and welcome to the club.

      The resale value at Showrooms are always way below market rates, because they buy the car from you and then sell it back to someone else, and they need to make profit on it too. 🙂 You will get a better price by selling it directly to someone else. However, till the time we Indians heavily overvalue Maruti and realise it is a tin-foil, you can expect lower value for resale of Tata cars. The same issue plague Mahindra, bar the Scorpio which still has a commanding value.

      We Indians undervalue products from Indian manufactures, and that will only change in the longer run as Indian companies improve their image one step at a time.

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