4 months away from an idiot box

So I moved into my new house about 4 months ago, and I have not got a TV yet for my home. It has been those four months where I did feel missing the TV around the house, and it absence has definitely helped me use my laptop more. Err.., that is not why I didn’t get the TV yet but then again, I do miss it.

That idiot box is being missed by my wife has been turning this thought around of avoiding TV for some weeks now, especially with my wife wishing to catch up the ongoing T20 after coming home. As I spoke to a colleague today, realized that her child has learned a lot from watching youtube.com and TV also kind of rekindled the thought to get one. The decision is still not been made, but mostly I would give in.

And the reason why I would give in has nothing to do with what others are saying. It has to do with what I am missing out on. If you remember one of my previous posts on the idiot box was about my craze for wild life, travelling and science channels, I have been missing watching them as well. The idiot box, after all is not idiot if the one watching on the other end is thoughtful enough. Not having TV around also means that I am missing out on learning something new from this medium. Watching such channels was never frowned up on by my family unless it was becoming a daily affair and made them miss their regular shows.

The idiot box, after all is not idiot if the one watching on the other end is thoughtful enough.

And one of the things that I want my daughter to do is to pick up these good habits that I have. Like reading when she grows up or never to stop learning – the two of my activities that has held me in good stead. The third one could be blogging, but she is still too young to do that just yet and I would let her decide if she wanted to do it.

What do you think about your idiot box at home? Have you ever thought of getting disconnected from it?

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