Maldivian Boduberu Street Performances in Hulhumale

The following series of Maldivian Boduberu performance Videos were shot in Hulhumale, in Male, Maldives. After we landed in Malé, and moved into the hotel located in Hulhumalé, in the night me and my daughter went out for a stroll when we saw a gathering and noises a bit far… as we walked closer we realized it is a performance on the street.

Little did we knew that we are witnessing the traditional Maldivian dance and music form Boduberu (name of the drum instrument). The trip started off on a great note, with this surprise performance on the streets of Hulhumalé.

The atmosphere was indeed electric, with disco lights illuminating the streets of Hulhumalé. The troop, unfortunately I could not speak to, were part of the Dhammaanu Boduberu. I could understand a few words here and there (some words are similar in Hindi and Dhivehi, the language of Maldives), but largely unheard of lyrics and rhythm.

What surprised me was the energy and the feel I got just standing there with my 5 year old was amazing! I can definitely get some help in naming the songs, as I have little clue what the song names are…

Maldivies Traditional Music, Song and Dance


You can check out Dhammaanu’s social media pages on YouTube and Facebook.

Equipment used for this trip

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