Aviation: a century and a decade

What led me to write about it? I stumbled upon a wikipedia article on Concorde and had the time to read it through. The most interesting part is what I read afterwards. Over the coming weeks, I am planning to research a bit about these and compose them for all of us to read. I am sure this is going to be interesting for all of you here.

The Wright Brothers were the first ones to be able to commercially build an aircraft as we know today, but our history is star studded with aviators of folkfare. Leonardo DaVinci, Issac Newton and instances or references to those in Indian vedics who enabled Lord Rama and Ravan to fly across seas are just a few examples.

But that is not I am thinking right now. There are already many who have read and written about them. I am more amazed by the fact that having formally invented an aircraft for our industralized age in 1900’s from non existance, we still had pioneers who started thinking about Supersonics in early 1950’s. A Boeing 747 was planned nd the first model manufactured by late 1960’s and it still rules the roost. And dont even think that by 2025 an Airbus A380 will be grounded. And now what I read is by 2050, we will possibly see a hypersonic (breaching speeds of Mach 8) aircraft.

Can you imagine a world that has grown so fast. Consider space exploration for example where what was invented in 1970 is what we are using today. Or for that matter, this very medium. Internet. Being invented in 1990’s it has grown so fast.

Whats truly amazing about avaiation is that it has enable humas to fly, and travel at twice the speed of sound.

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  • JKHoNa

    hmm. i see… 🙂 🙂 but india would still remain skies away from this aviation development.. 🙂 🙂 ya fir yeh new technology waale airplane aa jayengey, par tank mein fuel hi nahi rahega… 🙂 🙂

  • Avada Kedavra

    I am mad about aircrafts 🙂 Recently watched a documentary on Stealth technology and it was so interesting.. will wait for your article

    • Hemal Shah

      hey Avada, thanks! you are my only genuine visitor who has subscribed to feeds 🙂 😉

      Yes, I am coming up with the next write up and will post by weekend..