My Vacation to Kerala

I am set sail to my home town finally! Yay!

Its been 4 years since I have been to my home town and it was finally today that I could travel to the place where I spent my beautiful childhood. My home town, Alleppey in Kerala. Yes for most of you who do not know me yet and surprised to hear it being my home town, it indeed is my hometown. My dad was born and brought up there and so am I. Its common for fellow Malayalees to be surprised to hear me talk Gujurati, Kutchi and Malayalam at the same time. Its been happening me with ever since I first interacted in all these languages in their presense.

Or it maybe my surname that brings this thought about. And I am very much comfortable and used to it.

As I travel back to my childhood in my thoughts while travelling from Panvel to Alleppey in the Happa Express, there are so many of things that are coming my way. Truly, childhood and college are the best times of your life. And I am unfortunate not to live the later life as I had other responsibilites on my shoulder and opted for distance education.

I am eager to see how much my town has changed or if at all there are any changes from my last visit.

Looking forward to keep my blog posted with events from my visit on a daily basis.

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  • Fathima

    I really enjoy to read your blog……..thanks for your sharing……..may be we can see more on this.

  • Althaf

    I just want to comment on your blog that I really enjoy reading your blog post here. It is very rich, I also digg the way you write! Keep it up…

  • Arti

    WOW!! So, you are on a vacation to your hometown! That must be truly exciting! Kerela is such a beautiful place.. no wonder you love it so much, you are really lucky to have ‘Kerela – God’s own country’ to call your hometown.

    Bon Voyage and have a great time, if you aren’t already back that is, and do post about it! Am certainly looking forward to reading more 🙂

    • Hemal Shah

      Hehe, yes I am back but I have tons to write about. It was among my best visits! I am definitely penning it down here… watch out for more!

  • Charu


    • Hemal Shah

      thank you Charu! yes I did enjoy