Weekend Mania

My definition of weekend is lazy. Yes that is what I love the most abt my weekends. I love to sleep for long times, lying on my bed still after I have woken up and having my beloved iPad in my hands, listening to my favorite numbers, even to the level of having my food on my bed.. Wait a minute, did I tell you that am absolutely in love with my bed.

Its one place where I am at peace, its one place where my thoughts run aground, I wander in my dreams and absolutely love that idea.

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  • pramodlohia

    our ideology is alike, I too detest getting up, from bed, but we always can not have our way.

    • Hemal Shah

      True Pramod! These days i am all the more lazy to get up. I just feel like i should sleep for days and days

  • Annie

    Remember one thing getting outta bed is necessary rather mandatory to get the food on your bed .. unless you can call Anil/Mukesh Ambani as your dad 😀

    • Hemal Shah

      😀 you are right… but it always comes my way! 🙂 🙂 😉