Twenty Eleven: The year that gone by!

Its again that same time of the year when you get damn busy wishing everyone a happy new year and thinking of doing things that you would like to do in your new year. I say, lets stop and take a look back at what are the things that you had done this year which you originally thought you wouldn’t or didn’t think at all at first place?

Working with Accenture

I had always wanted to do this, but it never happened. I appeared 5 interviews in a span of two years but all those went without any feedback. Once I was selected, but I rejected the offer because of the thin pay check they offered. But finally it happened, and it happened to me in late May of 2011.

Going out of India

Every mother dreams of her kid going out of India some day. That’s the real story everywhere in India. Every time she tells me about it, I would rub that off and say, nay I really don’t wanna work out of India. Which is true, but a short trip is always welcome.

Capitol, Washington D.C

I did not even dream of going out of India when I was looking at 2011. By god’s grace, I got an opportunity to go finally and for the first time in my life. United States of Amrika… err… America. I happen to spend a luxurious two months in the state of Delaware, Wilmington city for a major client. I absolutely loved the time I spent there. Also went sight seeing in cities of Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlantic City, Wilmington itself. I missed seeing NY though, but will surely make it next time 🙂

No new Mobile Phones

Yes, it does sound funny but people who know me would certainly be surprised. I did not buy a single new phone in the year 2011. Yes I did buy a refurbished camera less Blackberry, but that is a very old (2007) version and only bought because it had one important function missing. The camera. And I dont count that as new at all. I did not desire to buy it, I was rather forced to.

Back to back IndiBlogger meets

I am big fan of IndiBlogger meets and this year, there were two scheduled back to back in Mumbai. Two days, two IndiBlogger meets were a first in IndiBlogger’s history too. The MasterChef India & Dove Spa IndiBlogger meets.

My first Apple

Not even in my wildest imaginations did I think of buying an Apple. No, not the fruit, but the gadget. iPad. The tablet that revived the concept of tablets, and the most mobile computer ever was in my hands this year. The surprise does not stop there, I also went ahead and bought an iPod Touch and iPod Shuffle. Three Apple products, definitely desirable, never imagined them in my hands. Viola!

Winning a contest

I had some investments reaping some benefits. I won a bike! I am kind of those who won’t win in a lottery. But I did, this time around. A Bajaj CT100. I took cash instead, as it was on the offer. But still, winning always brings in happiness.

Loving Matheran

Matheran was a place I visited first some 8 years ago and did not like at all because of the red soil there. I had breathing problems instantly. But that changed this year, especially when I went during winters. I went Matheran twice in 3 weeks and that speaks something, does not it?

Rann of Kutch

After having missed going to Kutch this Diwali, I thought I am not going to make it this year. It is one place I wanted to go for so much for very long. But it happened in December this year. I missed planning it during diwali and was sad that I could not do it, but still managed to pull it though by December which was not something I expected.

Kutch, Gujarat, India


For the first time in my life, I had been to a Discotheque. Yes, unbelievable but true. I had never been to a discotheque till I went as part of my office party to the High Lounge, Sahara Star (erstwhile Centaur) in Andheri.

Toppled from the Top

On IndiBlogger, I was on top of the list of IndiHeroes (most active) member for more than two years, but very recently I was toppled by Pramod (My Musings) & Arti (My Yatra Dairy). I was more than happy that it happened, as it shows many others share the same passion I have and that if ever I be busy with my personal priorities, forum is well guarded.

I am sure after reading this, many who know me would be surprised. Others too, may be. And hey, don’t ask me what I planned to do this year and it happened/didn’t happen because I barely remember it. Sometimes, it is better to keep things simple. 🙂

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  • sia

    im new to mumbai…. so i dnt have any idea whr to hang out with my partner on this sunday and… this is our last sunday which we can send together plz suggest decent place near matunga ….

    bye take care

    • Hemal Shah

      Hey Sia, welcome to my blog!

      I suggest you go through my post on a place for lovers in Mumbai. I have many places listed out there.

  • JKHoNa

    Good to read about the 2011 account! Lot of things do happen unexpected! The Apple thing was the most unexpected i guess – 3 apples in a year??? !!!!

    • Hemal Shah

      Hey Jayank, welcome to my blog and thank you very much for your comments 🙂

      Yeah, 3 Apples iconic gadgets in a year was unthinkable! So was my trip to US 🙂

  • Arti

    Great bioscopic post of the year that has gone by… Good to see it brought out a lot of positives for you and I wish this year brings many more! Many thanks for the link Hemal, how sweet of you 🙂 Btw, the forum well guarded, haha 😛 I am actually one of the miscreants who has gotten active there, so you better be careful on that 😀

    Wishing you and your family a very happy and a joyous new year 🙂

    • Hemal Shah

      Hey Arti, thank you very much for your lovely wishes.. I know you are one of the miscreants, but I can discount that for the passion with which you are on the forum 🙂 so its all kewl 🙂 🙂

      Wish you and your family too a very very happy and prosperous new year!

  • zephyr

    Great round up. I am so happy to see you do and get so many firsts in this year. May you get many many more in the coming year. Happy new year, Hemal!

    • Hemal Shah

      hey Zephyr, thank you very very much for your wishes, and I am happy to see you comment here.

      Wish you and your family a Happy new year too..

  • DS

    This is a great round up post for the year gone by. Its good that you are in a company of your choice.
    All the best for 2012 Hemal:)

    • Hemal Shah

      hey DS, thank you very much for your wishes and wish you the same! Yes, it feels good to be able to work where you wish to work! 🙂

  • Chheda

    great going …

    keep up the good work and have superb 2012 !!

    • Hemal Shah

      thank you very much Deep!! Wish you an awesome 2012 to you too!