I have finally completed my travel post on Kutch and it is now live on my blog. Do check it out!

Deep in the darkness of long night,
Is when travelling at speed of light,
I am going long away,
To a different state of my own mind,

Heavenly place may be waiting for me,
To show its lovely palace of sand,
Dunes I will miss and so will be the heat,
B’coz its winter with blanket of mist,

Its crystalline white mist I want,
From you the natural wonder land,
By each inch am closer to you,
I am eager more to snap a shot!

Black buck or a wild ass,
Natural assets & your lemon green grass,
Plucking peacock dancing in the hay,
What a beautiful beauty you amass,

Is gold and sandy so color to eyes,
Mid night moon will soon quell its ties,
A bright day and chilling sun light,
My surroundings become just as bright,

Wow, is what I feel to say,
When I think of you and feel gay,
Oh my dear wonder of nature,
Don’t wanna wait to come your way,

Isnt it true that I lust for your sand..

Hey beauty just thinking of you,
Ghoosebums spiraling my adrenaline up,
Into my chest, to my right arm,
No wonder that you are the great Rann..

Rann of Kutch
Swans in Kutch
BhujgujratkutchRann of kutch
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