I have finally completed my travel post on Kutch and it is now live on my blog. Do check it out!

Deep in the darkness of long night,
Is when travelling at speed of light,
I am going long away,
To a different state of my own mind,

Heavenly place may be waiting for me,
To show its lovely palace of sand,
Dunes I will miss and so will be the heat,
B’coz its winter with blanket of mist,

Its crystalline white mist I want,
From you the natural wonder land,
By each inch am closer to you,
I am eager more to snap a shot!

Black buck or a wild ass,
Natural assets & your lemon green grass,
Plucking peacock dancing in the hay,
What a beautiful beauty you amass,

Is gold and sandy so color to eyes,
Mid night moon will soon quell its ties,
A bright day and chilling sun light,
My surroundings become just as bright,

Wow, is what I feel to say,
When I think of you and feel gay,
Oh my dear wonder of nature,
Don’t wanna wait to come your way,

Isnt it true that I lust for your sand..

Hey beauty just thinking of you,
Ghoosebums spiraling my adrenaline up,
Into my chest, to my right arm,
No wonder that you are the great Rann..

Rann of Kutch
Swans in Kutch
BhujgujratkutchRann of kutch
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  • Arti

    Wow! this is beautiful! The second pic is gorgeous, would surely love to be there someday!!!
    Hey, I had missed this reply.. Thanks for putting up the pics 🙂

    • Hemal Shah

      🙂 tell me about it… I Am absolutely in love with this place.. the second pic I almost had to get into mud and capture this with a total 10x zoon on camera.

      • Arti

        Really beautiful capture you manged to get there 🙂

        And yeah, do let me know in case you write a travel post on it Hemal, would certainly would want to have a read.

        • Hemal Shah

          Thank you very much Arti 🙂

          Yeah sure, I am planning to publish that soon, I just need to complete it and I am finding it difficult to find time for that. Once again, thank you very much…

          • Arti

            Yeah, I read it but please don’t embarrass me by posing that question.. How on earth do you evaluate someone who is an inspiration to you? You are an amazing blogger, Hemal and I have learnt a lot of things from you.. Thank you! 🙂

          • Hemal Shah

            hey Arti, Thank you very much for being so kind 🙂 to say that I could inspire! It makes my day!! 🙂

            I still seek an answer from you as you are a established travelblogger and you will definitely have things to say about how the article went! I need you to be that critic to help me make this article more better. I somehow feel this one lacks a bit of emotion / does not bring out emotions clearly and I need wish I could bring that out!

          • Arti

            Nah, the article is really nice… Do not take it as a flattering comment or anything, I genuinely appreciate it and that is exactly what I have said. About lacking emotions? Well, you have inspired a traveler to get going! Do I say any more? 🙂 Still, since you so insist… I will have a proper read once again and will surely let you know my feed backs, if any.. ok? 🙂

  • Arti

    Dreamer you are, travelling cheap 😛 Nice one Hemal, based on one of my favorite subjects too 🙂

    Never been to this part, sounds so beautiful… The words echo your love for the place. Thanks for giving my imagination wings and taking me there 🙂

    • Hemal Shah

      Hey Arti, thank you very much for your comments.. 🙂

      I did travel cheap.. lol.. loved that comment..

      this part of the world is beautiful indeed too, you must visit it.. I am coming up with a travel post and I am sure you I would like you to read and give me comments to improve it.

      I am in awe for this place ever since I visited it for the first time four years ago. and now I love this place. Will post pictures to help your imagination even furthe 🙂