Bless me – Earth!

A changing nature getting warm,
With heat, earth warns,
Dont abuse me, enough,
Dont greed for me, enough,

Depleating is my strength,
Can i not breathe and replish?
Each day my burden goes up,
Did u not touch a 7 billion?

Deep in the space,
I am alone, lonely,
Care for me,
Get this thing deep in your mind,

Each day i bleed,
Each day sky holes up,
For you still need me,
Cant you find someone like me, again,

I bless you, oh saint,
Dont whine if i cant take it,
Limitless and shameless,
Care for your future,

You ruin my shade,
I feel for you,
You wont be left with food,
What will you answer your baby?

Eat, am loving it!
Sleep, am at rest,
But dont itch me,
It pains,

Humble plea,
As much i need you,
Never will i betray,
Love me, you are my children,

ps: earth is asking u to be humble, pay heed to it.

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