Stop Plagiarism in every form

This poem is dedicated to everyone of the IndiBloggers and those whose blog posts / art works have been copied because of someone who was exposed recently on Indiblogger Blog.

Let the emotions flow,
After hitting the heafty blow,
A theif who ruts out anger,
And now aware of the Danger,
Everyone is up in arms,
For he has lost his charm,
Go in deep and read the shit,
Let us kick his goddamn bullshit!!

All form of Plagiarism is a crime. I have been personally subjected to it and have tried my best to protect my interests. It is, the same for every blogger/artist in any form of life. IndiBlogger has taken a step to expose one such blogger and all that we expected was an apology to all of his fans and readers and return of the prize money.

After threatening for a legal action and cooking up ‘fictional’ stories of an unknown, deleted blog not searchable via Google on the IndiBlogger Blog, sculpting on his Facebook page blog and group page about fictional allegations best described only by him and a lot of flaming and usage of foul language from his fake ids on the IndiBlogger forum. I think its time that we stand united against Plagiarism of every kind, and by ANYONE.

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  • kranjini

    Say NO to Plagiarism! Even if it is just a line, let it be your own!!

    • Hemal Shah

      🙂 thank you Ranjini for your comments…

      Yes, we would like it original, every line.. 🙂