The Sahyadris – Some pictures

I had been to a short trip down in Konkan and these are the snaps that I took early morning from the train. I hope you would enjoy them.

Update: There are many more sequence shots that I have taken while the train was moving and I would be uploading them by this weekend. You can watch out for more 🙂

These pics were taken on my E63 and while the train was moving and hence, the pics wont reflect the best of the quality.

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  • Deepak

    suuuuuperb shots dude….

    loved it

  • Shrikant

    Amazing shots.. of a place so close to my heart!!

    • Hemal Shah

      thank you shri!! a place close to your heart?? Konkan??

  • kranjini

    Nice shots and breathtaking moments!!!

  • Charu

    Awesome images

    • hemal

      Thanks Charu 🙂

    • hemal

      Thanks Avada! 🙂

  • Annie

    Hey dear beautiful snaps, good work, i know which one you like the most 😉

    • Hemz

      thanks dear.. yep you know which ones i like the most 😉

      btw, more pics come up here.. so wait and watch..

  • Rajesh

    Amazing shots.

    • Hemz

      Thank you for the visit Rajesh and your kind comments. 🙂