The Chinese Noodle with Japanese Sauce and Thai Phuket Phad Ka Corw

The Chinese Noodle with Japanese Sauce and Thai Phuket Phad Ka Corw

Yesterday, I and my colleague decided to have a lunch which was unusual. We were looking for a place we have never gone before and have something that we have not heard of.

We zeroed in on the Noodle Bar at the High Street Phoenix in Lower Parel. Once we were there, we got hold of a place to sit and sat waiting for the menu.

One the menu was lot of names we never understood. So we decided to ask the manager what would be his suggestion since we don’t know what is good to have. He said we can go for Noodles, and with that he handed over a Toss It Up menu.

You can select any combination we liked and the chef would custom create this dish for us. We thought this was a good idea given that we wanted to have something Unique.

First thing to choose from was the type of Noodles. We went for Soba – Wheat Flat Noodles. Then there are various add ins you can add to your noodle. Since we are Veg. people, we went for veg. What I liked was the special mention that they use different utensils for Non Veg. and Veg.

We added up the following:

•    Paneer (since I am self proclaimed Paneer freak)
•    Asparagus (it sounded different, it actually is similar to Bamboo shoot)
•    Mashroom
•    Baby Corn
•    Carrots (since they are good for eyes)
•    Seasonal Greens
•    Cabbage (what’s Chinese without cabbage )
•    Onions
•    Garlic

We choose the Japanese Teriyaki Sauce because it sound pretty good to have. The out come was quite refreshing taste we never had before.

Then we choose to have something else, and we decided to get the Thai Phuket Phad Ka Corw dish. Since we have had Chinese and Japanese tastes already on our taste buds, we thought that would be good to try a Thai dish. The manager suggested that we go for Steam Rice than going for Fired Rice with this since Steam rice would complement this dish more.

The Phuket Phad Ka Corw was with Paneer and it contained green leafy vegetables, panner, mushroom, sauce, baby corns. This was even better in taste than the Noodles we ordered. That Noodle Bar rocks is no surprise then!

Hungry for more…

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