Its really disturbing; are anti-social elements creeping up

Let me put the pic right here. Its disburbing, and is against law. Law of the land and the law of human being. Its a message that is spreading hatered and I strongly oppose it. Shortly after this post, I am going to share this picture with most of the leading media channels and newspapers and hope we can start the movement here.

Reader Discretion Advised

I was shocked to see a message like this! It is usual to find graffiti on the Mumbai local train. I boarded the Kalyan fast from Byculla at 8.37 pm when I was on the way to my home. Unfortunately I was not carrying my deo, with which I would have removed this otherwise.

I am used to see some of graffiti on the inside of locals and those generally are of funny nature where friends write their names, sometimes their crushes or lovers names often. At times, it evens goes to an extent of giving numbers of call girls and boys! I ignore them since these are not those that hurt me bad.

But this one was different, it was disturbing and it was painfull. Who would have this kind off problem with Sonia Gandhi and Muslims? What wrong did they do? Is not India a free, democratic country for anybody having the right to follow their own religion?

It was done by someone who was saddened by the victory of Congress in the General Elections, 2009! Is some one really inspired by what Varun Gandhi said??? That is why he have been booked, but that is done more harm than good. Isnt it?

Why are these brothers of ours against us living peacefully in our own country? Without any differences in caste and creed, there are a lot of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikh, Jains, Buddhists and others who take these trains everyday which gives India and its very financial capital with their man hours!

Why do you want to create a stirr again. Mumbai has left everything behind and has always looked forward to what the future beholds.

I would request one and all and specifically those who travel in these locals, do not go by them. If you can use a bit of your deodrant what you carry everyday to just remove these horrible message with a peice of rough paper, we can remove these messages. Deodrants work!

Make it clean, in the trains and our lives. Let’s pledge!

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  1. August Spruell says

    Now THAT IS what I’d deem an insightful position on this subject. What I would suggest though is speaking to other people involved in the scene and bring to light any different points of view and then update or create a new post for us to read. I hope you’ll take my ideas, I’m looking forward to it! Try to cover off on some graffiti characters as well if you can, they’re quite popular at the moment.

    1. Hemz says

      hey dude, the graffiti was pretty disturbing, and thanks to a virus attack on my server i have lost that image…

  2. Aegis says

    Hemal, if you find the poster disgusting, go to Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan – your Muslim paradise!

    I wonder how much money ISI has given you to spread anti-hindu and anti-Indian propaganda, you worthless piece of s hit.

    1. Hemal says

      Hey Aegis,

      First and foremost! I am not an Anti-Hindu or Anti-Indian stuff you wrote about. I hope you had enough time to read the whole post rather that just giving it an view. Please read the whole article carefully! It sounds funny when the whole poster cries loud on Anti religionism and something that I am against and you have the read the message exactly opposite 😕

  3. crisisofid says

    I wonder if you asked these same questions when biharis were killed in mumbai?

  4. hemal says

    @Apurva: thanks for your comments. I hope this message goes miles.

  5. Apurva says

    Hemal, thanks for spreading the anti-hate message. Whole world needs to heed your message.

  6. Ramya says

    Shame on such people who dont know that we live in a secular country!

  7. Rahul Anand says

    Completely agree. BTW, would a deodorant work? Looks like its painted on a wall.

  8. hemal says

    @Rahul: Yes, you can use a deodrant to remove impression by a Permenant Marker.

    @Ramya: Yes, it was. But no one seemed to pay heed to it, coz they know its not worth paying attention for. the reason why i put it here was because I did not like it and wanted to make people aware that even this happens in here and you should not mind that.

  9. sm says

    i agree with you

  10. Hemal says

    @blog gore, yes we need to take an initiative to eradicate these naysayer activity. we needed to start somewhere, i did my begining by posting it here, now will promote it more as I go.

  11. Hemal says

    @Sheba, yeah itz two messages at one go. I think its not about following what it was written in there, the concern is that this jerk wrote off something which he might have been inspired by what his leaders might have said.

  12. Blog Gore says

    Let me warn anyone reading this comment… Abusive language follows…

    This piece of graffiti is written by a fucking jerk… A sad piece of shit who probably suffers from a very serious inferiority complex and is very very insecure… This jerk has achieved very little in life and does not have the capability to compete and succeed. This jerk is looking for free lunches… this jerk hates everyone (today its Muslims or a political leader… tomorrow it could be his mother) who takes away his opportunity for a free lunch….

    He is guided by the pop philosophy assholes similar to him who have moved a notch higher in the asshole ladder…

    Sadly… the jerks and the assholes are all around us… and sanity and the law of the land requires us to tolerate them and their warped thought process… Yet we need to try and change the thought process… We need more than deodorants… we need courage… we need initiative

  13. Sheba K says

    Wow, two serious messages in one post, one for unity and the other for public hygiene :-).

    Jokes apart, there will always be some people who are prejudiced and spread hatred. But as long as there are some sane people who don’t follow the jerks, things will be ok.

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