Why Mumbai? The Hostage Crisis

26 / 11 Mumbai terrorist attacks

First and foremost, my condolences to the families of the deceased in the Mumbai terror attacks and hostage drama. Specially to the Brave and Great Police personnal who had spared their life to save people.

There are no words that would express the greif we all are going through. But we all are living the fact that things have taken such an Ugly face. The people of Mumbai has have had enough of this. Mother India has lost so many of her sons and daughters already, and we Indians are in No mood to loose more of our Brothers and sisters.

Adding to the embarssment are our expert-at-the-blame-game politications by setting the playfield for votes at such a national disaster. Mr. Modi claims that Congress has not done enough to handle terrorisim, but what he has to say about the terror in Gujarat and Malegaon? If you can recall, how many attacks has had happened under his regime.

The recent Ahemdabad blasts, the Sabarmati Express, Godhra etc. are good examples. “One Crore” to the people affected from these terrorist events from Gujarat government. Bloody hell, why are you wasting the public money collected as taxes. Why can’t the CM take a pay cut and give salary. He is not poor, certainly nor any other politications in this country. They can sustain and live in luxary without pay for years!

Our Prime Minister has said that we need a Federal Investigation Agency to be set up to tackle these kind of attacks. Why they need such a violent attack and hostage drama to open their eyes. Is it not their resposibility to do this even before an even of this magnitude happened? Well, every body knows our Home minister. He finds it difficult to be in a terrorist infested area wearing a black dress. He needs to be white, you know, to show “PEACE”.

I felt very good when most of the news channels prepared to avoid each and every political speech where ever possible. They also need appreciation, for they kept telling people that just dont be mere spectators and go back to their homes. However they did not listen is a different matter.

This shows matureness of what they should ideally have had earlier on. Some people who were shooting the whole event on their phone cameras, gave a back answer the reporter when asked what he was doing, “The same thing what you are doing!”. They need to show this to their neighbours. Its got the power to attract people and a win to his EGO. Hell with all these people who create so much trouble.

The Spirit of Mumbai!

Coloba – The costliest real estate in India. The brains of India’s financial capital sit some where near these attacked areas. Providing employment to millions of Indians. Among the top 10 tax payers in India.

Hotel Taj Mahal & Oberoi – Trident -: Former is The World Heritage site. Those who have money come here to spend. Those who don’t have money, earn by providing products and services to these spenders.

Leopold’s – the uber cool place to hang out with friends. This place is Cosmopolitan and have vibrant colors of life.

CST – 6 million people use this station and central railway services every day. You can see welthy, poor and those who fall in between here.

Its shaken. India’s worst terror attacks yet, and still going on, has slapped a huge blow to the country which is the most common terror target. Does anyone even know who is responsible for this? And why are they doing this to us? Mumbai generates most TAX for India. The country’s financial capital. India’s most important Stock Markets. And Mumbai feels the pressure. The politications of this world get the most security, and all apply for Z category. Thats a status symbol you know! And for them, their life is too costly for the nation too loose. Ask an average Mumbaikar, he will tell you what is important for him in his life.

What is Mumbai’s Spirit?

Is it the no fear, adjusting to life attitude. No, its their needs. It actually is their needs to keep earning to save for a dooms day of their life. Even a day’s salary cut hurts them. People who earn daily wages are hit most. So, they are forced to take extreme steps.

We earn the money, we pay the taxes, we earn more money, we pay more taxes, we help grow the economy, we still pay taxes, we buy more, we consume luxary goods with even more taxes and whenever we buy everything, we pay taxes. I hope when we can buy peace, I am ready to shell out money. But please dont fix Tax on it. It hurts. And when Terror attacks like these happen, people feel its too much taxing now. With every terror attack, err… WAR, people are more fearfull and are worried for themselves, and their dear ones.

This is clearly not justified. I think we should fight back. The days of Ghandhigiri are over. These terrorists may have been trained to be capable to handle their emotions when some one gives them a rose. Which explains their merciless killing spree.

And our president cannot take a call whether to sentence a terrorist to death because they fear Human Rights activist. Did these Human Rights activist protested their merciless killing anytime in their life? Tomorrow, when another terror attack planned massive than this, the would demand a release of the very same terrorist.

Government would not have any other chance, but to release him.

Who looses?

MUMBAI, INDIA, every Indian in this world.

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  1. Mike Harmon says

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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