Indianomics Showcase: Sightsavers

At Indianomics, I am continually evolving the content I create and try to promote ideas in a fresh bottle. Bottle jibe is to emphasize that We often forget that world around us have a stimulus, playing its role in silence, while we are aloof of it. Indianomics Showcase brings out people and groups from cold, and showcases them.

In this video, I am talking about Sight Savers, an NGO that is helping visually impaired people overcome their issues with the sight. Also featured is an introduction video from Sight Savers YouTube channel ( that explains what how these guys are changing lives of millions of Indians!

A big thumbs up to Sight Savers, for doing their work in the silos ensuring they are changing lives. To contribute to their work, you can visit their website or call on the number in the video.

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