Finance Budget 2018 for India (live)

Budget 2018: Finance minister Arun Jaitley will present the Union Budget for the year 2018 in the Parliament. As it is expected, this budget will largely be limited to appeasing people in preparations for the upcoming General Elections in 2019. This is the last full budget for the BJP government, and hence their last full chance to impress the aam-aadmi in an attempt to woe the vote bank.

Here are the five core areas that will make or break this budget for the population at large.

  • Personal Income Tax rate reductions or increase in tax saving slabs, change in taxes for capital gains (share trading)
  • National wide Farmer loan waivers or deductions and focus on agriculture produce sale prices
  • Fiscal deficit breaching its decline
  • Infrastructure investments to boost jobs
  • Revised GST Rates for products and services, petroleum products coming under the ambit of GST

The Budget starts at 11.00 AM and we will keep you posted.

Budget 2018 Impact on the Aam Aadmi!

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