Limited or no ads – YouTube redefines monetization

Limited or no ads!

So YouTube introduced a new advertiser friendly guidelines, based on which an algorithm reviews all videos and tags these videos automatically to a new set of monetization category. Earlier, YouTube only had either Monetized or Non-Monetized option. Now we also have limited or no ads. I noticed this on my YouTube channel, Indianomics TV recently and was surprised by the move.

What is Limited or no ads?

The newly introduced “Limited or no advertisement“, may mean that either there will be no advertisement at all or very few adverts. The lack of advertisement under this category is not restricted by YouTube, but given the categorization, advertisers may be wary of pushing their ads on these videos.

And even if the adverts do make their way, chances are that money they will be charged would be very less than other comparable fully monetized adverts, and then by keywords. Demand for such advert slots will be more popular with new small scale advertisers as well, then? I sure can guess that it will. And hopefully keep up with the current revenue stream? YouTube has listed their Advertiser friendly guidelines, which every YouTuber should be familiar about.

What does this mean to me as a YouTuber?

As some of you may already know that I operate a small YouTube channel by my blog name, Indianomics. I am using Google AdSense for close to 12 years now on this blog, but never made enough money to get a cheque of $100! Yes, I have not been using AdSense right enough. Then there were many years that I did not publish adverts at all.

It so happened that I pushed my latest video of Yeti, my Royal Enfield Himalayan, completing a year with me. The video got about 300 hits before Google’s new Limited or no advertisement icon showed up. And I wondered, what was wrong with the video immediately. This Limited or no ads thing is surely an area of concern for me, as this does have the possibility of reducing my ad income, even though minuscule, further.

I guess many other YouTuber’s videos were hit by this new status and panic is surely to set in. What if I stop making money on these videos? It does not impact me, but those who make money from YouTube’s advertisement are hoping they do not get impacted.

So what not to do? Is there a cheat list?

Well there is no definite cheat list, for starters, go about complying fully to Google’s YouTube content guidelines. guidelines like Community, Monetization and Basic Polices, and advertiser friendly guideline. More importantly our topic, the last one – advertisers are at the core of YouTube’s revenue generation for itself and content creators. Hence, ensure you are following all of the guidelines.

Second, ensure your content or content description does not have the following.

What not to do on YouTube?
Any form of Violence or Weapons Weapons, attack (gamers beware), kill, death, gun, ammo, ammunition, bullets, grenade, missile, assault, slaughter, punish, suicide,
Controversial subjects Terrorism, drugs, other general controversies prevalent at that time, alcohol, abuse, rape,
Inappropriate or Hateful language Swear words (all of the most common) like fuck, shit, damn, crap, jerk, ugly. Hateful content like homophobia, negative tones on god, faith, or any other current issues at the time.
Harmful or dangerous activity hacking, passwords, crack, selling dangerous goods like drugs and other explosive content,
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