TATASky: This is your stupidity and pathetic service! (update)

I have to say that this the most pathetic service I ever got from any company. I have been subjected to many scenarios across many companies but so far they have managed to outlast all others and stoop to such levels. What is worst, they send you reminders that they haven’t paid the money to keep the account active, and also ensure feedback calls are made to customers!

Yes I am talking about you Tata Sky!

It’s been 10 Days

TATASKY Work Order completed even before the scheduled time!! Of course when no one is visiting to check the issue, they saved time so it is bound to closed before time…

It has been 10 days since I lodged the second complaint (first one was on 8th March when only a few channels weren’t available) and to my utter surprise the request has been closed on pretext of having completed the work order within ONE MINUTE! Look at the time difference in the above screen: 5:50 pm I receive the message that my request was scheduled for resolution and 5:51 pm it is resolved?  All this while no one turned up at my house to check the complaint at first place. Absolutely not.

True, when TataSky was unable to assign someone to work on my problem, they gave me 5 days (3 days first and 2 days later) of subscription extension as a benefit for the delay from their end. But surprise, SURPRISE! If my connection itself isn’t working what am I supposed to do with that!!!

Who was supposed to resolved issue? TataSky Kalyan Installation Center, but no one turns up from there. 

Surprise! SURPRISE!! If my connection itself isn’t working what am I supposed to do with bonus credits for 5 days!

Feedback calls are regular, but no action taken!

So I responded to the SMS survey that I am ‘NO’t satisfied with the service provided (of course! how can I be when no service was provided?) and this is the response I get.

So on Sunday, I get a call from TataSky asking what was the reason I was not satisfied with the service. When I told that no one has visited to resolve the problem at first place and nothing has been done, I was promised an escalation and a call back the same day. It is Tuesday morning today, and I haven’t yet received another call from TataSky.

Promised an escalation and a call back the same day! But no calls even after two days!

The first complaint met with the same fate

Before this I was not getting some channels properly and had logged in another complaint which also ended in a similar manner. Then I got an out call from the Service Personnel on a Sunday evening on a charged visit, and he requested if he could come on Monday instead as he would get too late due to traffic. He never turned up on Monday, and then I got feedback from TataSky again – and my response was the same. No one has visited to rectify the issue. I felt as if I was conned, but twice!

First Complaint Details
Date: 08 March, 2015
Compliant No: H31Z7J6

I felt as if I was conned, but twice! I had high hopes from you TataSky, I had got TataSky ditching Reliance’s BigTV only because I believed in your services, fought with my parents to get it but this is what you show… you have left me hopeless…

Update: The issue has been resolved, was only a 2 minute job!

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  • JKHoNa

    In today’s world all are almost same. I have expeirenced such shit from Tata Sky, Vodafone, Reliance, Airtel, ICICI Bank etc. You name any big corporate and there are fools lying there. I would rather select the life pre 1990s where there was more peace with none of these services. We prosper with our hardwork, to add a few luxuries and end up adding more pain in our life… I have changed to Videocon d2h recently….

  • Rajiv Dutta

    This is happening to me as well. Tata Sky is not working for me as well and no one has arrived to check the connectivity. I have first raised the complaint on 29th Mar 2015. Not sure if they are pushing me to change the service provider. But the problem is I have paid in advance for a yr subscription.