How life has changed after Modi?

Modi winning the elections and becoming the Prime Minister was largely predicted. So how has your life changed after about 10 months of Modi rule?

In essence, nothing much really. All of the actions Modi has taken so far are further promotions of what he wants to do. The Rs. 9 Lacs Modi suite he wore when meeting President Obama was a moral low, Ghaar Wapasi has been more damaging. Modi’s image of a doer has not yet to be seen on the ground.

True, it may take time to really start seeing the change, but many from BJP has been already professing that since they are in the center inflation has come down. As with any oil consuming economy, the recent dive in prices of crude oil has lead this downward rally. But if you remove that from the picture, there is almost no effect. The realty prices are not going down making affordable housing too difficult to achieve.

On top of these, Modi government has taken the ordinance route to pass 3 critical bills which is a shame. If you compare to the promises, one of the top agenda items was corruption in the system he sought to eradicate. But Aam Aadmi Party and Aravind Kejriwal had pretty much achieved it during their 49 day governance and have been living that life again after coming into power in Delhi on an unprecedented mandate. How long does that stick is yet to be seen.

The first thing Modi should do and really implement is a infrastructure reforms – in particular Roads. Road development across India has been pretty dismissal, especially in the financial capital that is Mumbai. Not just developing roads, but also ensure maintenance of them is carried out in a time-bound, systematic manner. Even though many new roads are constructed, there are cases where roads have been developed but haven’t lasted that long at all while the developer goes scott free.

Roads lead to better connectivity and immediate relief to masses. Good roads have the capability to reduce pollution, improve fuel efficiency leading to lesser Oil import bill, and a feel good factor.

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