What does real beauty mean to you?

It was a much needed break for me to blog about something that I appreciate everyday! Beauty.

Beauty is what? A simple answer to that question is: Everything you feel beautiful is beauty. As oft quoted in conversations, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Its all how we feel..

During my college, one day I was with a few of my classmates, savoring a hot “vada pav at the tapri” breakfast and saw a couple walking hand in hand. The boy was really handsome, but girl was not so. That’s when I remembered the quote “Agar dil laga gadhi se, toh pari kya cheez hai” (If heart is struck to a donkey, even an angel is nothing)” 😛

Its funny, but shows out why only looks does not matter!

We were also taught by two professors who were married to each other, both of them from opposite ends of India, he is a dark dude and she is the snow white.

I am a firm believer of the inner beauty and my friends can vouch for that. It’s a feeling that you can see on the skin and beneath it in humans and animals (or should I include fur for animals? :P) and ever so awesome nature.

There are so many real beauties out there, in the form of a mother, as a wife, as a friend, a role model, a sister, a lover, every relation and emotion we share with many women is so beautiful. My father and mother worked together too hard to bring me and my sister up from total financial breakdown, which speaks volumes of their beautiful relationship with my family.

Real Beauty is you, Within you and around you!

Dove and Yahoo! brings you all a wonderful platform called as the Real Beauty. It’s one place where I invite every women (yes, including the one who called me being a sexist) on this world to come and share their feelings on this wonderful platform. Those who joined in already have posted so many meaningful blog posts had have sought expert opinions, got inspired with the Women who brought in change in today’s society, soon to be launched Expert Chat et al.

And yes, am making sure my mom and sister too are participating and so will be many (girl)friends of mine 😉

To all those who believe in the inner beauty, here is a small poem. It’s the poem I wrote for my mom, who has been so beautiful to me…

In my heart, I can see,
How much lovely you have been,
I miss your care, and that lovely stare,
To me, how beautiful you have been,

You understand me,
You speak my mind,
You know everything,
And still you be kind,

You feel for the poor,
You care,
You feed them with love,
Happy that you could share,

See those smiles, so beautiful,
Of the kids on the streets you met,
Times you spent with me on beach,
Watching the amazing sunset,

When the rain makes a mess on the streets,
The mighty Sun creates a Rainbow,
Running from a city to another,
To your supernatural force, I take a big bow,

Among the moon and the sun,
The birds and flowers and hue,
I now know what is real beauty,
It is you mom, and what’s within you.

Thank you very much mom, for being the most beautiful person to me.

These thoughts I have put together are true, and I participating in a contest at IndiBlogger, What does real beauty mean to you? If you like my post, please consider voting for me.

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