Street Lights at mid-noon! Why?

These pictures tell you the carelessness towards the saving of Electricity that we pay for, as part of our taxes every month. Why are using CFLs at our home to save energy when the BMC / Reliance Energy or the concerned authorities can waste it just like this? Yes, we do use CFLs because it saves us money. But why cant the government or government appointed agencies not save money too? After all, its coming from our pockets. Tax Payers.

Street Light and its misuse: You can see the Sun right in the middle, denotes Mid-noon
Street Light and its misuse

This has to be dealt with very very seriously. I tried calling the Reliance Energy Calling via your customer care took ages as it asked for a customer a/c number which i don’t have as I don’t stay in the area where they provide power services. Finally, I sent a mail to their email address (energy.helpdesk @ Will wait now to hear from them. The Request number that I was provided by a return mail is: DWML11091353

In the evening when I left from office at 8.30, surprisingly the Street lights were off!! This certainly was absurd to know that the whole day when sun was glowing hot, the street lights were full and working. But at night, when they are actually required to work, they were switched off!

Update: 09 May 2011

I am yet to get reply from them, however today too I saw the same wastage of energy. I will be observing this stretch of the road for some days to come and will keep updating this post.

Update: 11 May 2011

They did reply today but the request number is different from what I received in the first mail. May be the request number changed when I sent three mails in all. I don’t mind it as long as action is taken.

Reply from Reliance Energy:

Sub: {DSTL11000313} [REPLY2] Response to your e-mail dated 06/05/2011.

Dear Customer,

Warm Greetings from Reliance Energy!

With reference to your e-mail dated 06/05/2011, kindly note that the matter has been forwarded to relevant authorities for appropriate action.

Further necessary contact on the matter would be made by the respective authorities, as required.

Warm regards,
Customer Service Team
Reliance Energy

I hope the action is taken soon enough.

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