Sharepoint: Christmas Wishing Application

I had a wired Idea to wish people on Christmas. Normally, I send image greeting cards to my friends and colleagues. But that I am doing now for years. I wanted to do something different. Sending e-Cards was other option. But it is more or less the same.

Then an Idea struck me. I am not too sure that this kind of application is even available or you all will like it. Nonetheless, its here…

The idea is to have wishes for your colleagues, to be able to wish people online, on record with no involvement of email (except for sharing the URL, ofcourse.)

I used this beautiful Christmas Theme readily available from Brightstarr on their website.

I created a Blank Sharepoint site with Custom List.

Me and my colleagues created a web part solution file to show a random online wishing list. The users can visit the website and click opens a form which has fields like:

Your Name:

Who you want to wish:

The Occasion: New Year or Xmas

Your personal wish:

After he puts these details in and submits the form, the data is stored in the Sharepoint List.

The important part is to create a web part that displays these entries in a list and to create each entry formatted in a table, while it keeps scrolling.

The table looked something like this which is constantly scrolling.

Image based on the user selection. For example, Xmas Image if the user selected to wish his colleague on Christmas.

Person 1 wishes person 2, a Merry Christmas
Personal Message Dude, when we are launching this application! Merry Christmas

Steps Taken:

  1. Created a Custom list named Categories with three columns:WishName: Xmas or New YearWishDescription: a merry Christmas or a Happy New Year (text as is)Imagepath: (textbox) used to pull the url and put it as a back ground image of the TD in the auto scrolling layer.
  2. Then Created a Custom List named Wishing Bag, with four columns as mentioned above.Your Name: Text Box
    Who you want to wish: Text Box
    The Occasion: Data input from Categories list > WishName field
    Your Personal wish: Text Area.
  3. Creating the web partWith this created, I would share the logic with which the web part is created.
    Image URL is picked up from the Categories list from the column > ImagePath

    This is decided basis which $WishName$ the user has choosen.

    Person 1 wishes person 2, a Merry Christmas

    The Person 1 is taken from the Wishing Bag list column $Your Name$

    The Person 2 is taken from the Wishing Bag list column $Who you want to wish$

    “wishes” is hard coded in the code

    A merry Christmas is taken from the Categories column $WishDescription$.

    Since the image on the left shows the correct $WishName$, it is easy to take the description from Categories list.

    Personal Message Dude, when we are launching this application! Merry Christmas

    Personal message take from the $Your Personal wish$ column.

  4. Deploying this webpart is the fourth step.
  5. Post that, you will need to import this webpart to the page.
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