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Go electric, via solar. Harvest the sun!

Elon Musk is making all the right noises, and for the right reasons. He first went electric with his Tesla, and now is building a Solar City that will harvest solar energy. A perfect brand ambassador for the title of this article, Go…

Sun has risen from the west

Sun for a change, Rising from the west, I think I am mad, I wanna test, I jumped up from bed, Looked into the west, I left for the shore, Through my inner door, I am seeing from far, Guided by the evening star, Makes me even more mad, I…

Sun may end up with a Compromise!

Its been a year since the Israeli Taro refused to be bought by India's Sun Pharmaceuticals, good news may finally be coming in. It was reported that the Sun's CEO Dilip Sanghvi and Taro chairman met at the Mediator Ram Caspi's place. The…