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4 months away from an idiot box

So I moved into my new house about 4 months ago, and I have not got a TV yet for my home. It has been those four months where I did feel missing the TV around the house, and it absence has definitely helped me use my laptop more. Err..,…

So, cricket happens to you

I have a love and hate affair with cricket - no, I do not hate it when India looses unlike the cricket fanatics in a cricket-mad country, where cricket is a religion. And Sachin Tendulkar is not a demi-god, but "god" himself. Ya right, you…

Is that I need a lovely spark?

Chimes away and lights so dark, Is this the way I should draw the arc, Wandering lonely in a empty park, Is that I need a lovely spark? Trees blush as the breeze make a pass, Seeing the roses that are best of the mass, As I leave the gate…