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Indianomics is nominated for IBA2017

Indeed with great pleasure, I announce that Indianomics has been nominated for Indian Blogger Awards for 2017 (IBA2017). Indianomics has been associated with IndiBlogger since August 2009, as part of their network. Last time IBA was…

Stop Plagiarism in every form

This poem is dedicated to everyone of the IndiBloggers and those whose blog posts / art works have been copied because of someone who was exposed recently on Indiblogger Blog. Let the emotions flow, After hitting the heafty blow, A theif…

Whats Fashion today? Brand or Quality

I never had any thing that I should be dressed up to the occasion. For me it was always that I should stand out in my own way by not displaying, but with my attitude. But when it comes to quality dressing, I prefer brands. For me, Fashion …