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Bless me – Earth!

A changing nature getting warm, With heat, earth warns, Dont abuse me, enough, Dont greed for me, enough, Depleating is my strength, Can i not breathe and replish? Each day my burden goes up, Did u not touch a 7 billion? Deep in the…

Astro Garden: An cosmic solution

Have you ever heard of an Astro Garden? I was a bit surprised when I read about Astro Garden in the local news paper. How much is the level of beliefs that people have? From gems to stones, metals to flowers and worshiping god on…

What does real beauty mean to you?

It was a much needed break for me to blog about something that I appreciate everyday! Beauty. Beauty is what? A simple answer to that question is: Everything you feel beautiful is beauty. As oft quoted in conversations, “beauty lies in the…