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The story of dirty Noses – F1 Cars

Last year, around the same time everyone was complaining about stepped noses cones of the F1 cars. This year, pretty much the same story, only a bit dirty. If you look at the three cars in the feature image, two of them have 'anteater' type…

Why Formula E when you already have Formula 1?

The news floated around last year (2012) when FIA conceived the idea of a racing series based on Formula 1, albeit with Electric engines. It spread to soon and many firms got immediate interest in setting up a team for themselves. And one…

GPRO Tip: Understand Driver Feedback

Chances are that you came here searching for tips to understanding driver feedback in the online simulation racing game, GPRO or Grand Prix Racing Online. However, if you are not, lets quickly get familiarized with GPRO. Grand Prix Racing…