A few ways to better use water!

I have often wondered how to reuse water that cannot be consumed. Today I am in this blog post exploring various options to save water from being wasted and reused. Of course, there are many a bible out there to teach you how to save water or use left over water. This article is meant to be a quick referrer. Livpure’s campaign and subsequent #CuttingPaani advertisement that I reviewed here on my blog gave me the inspiration to write about this story.

Let’s see what happens if we do not have drinking water!

1. Collect the left over water

Collect the left over water from glasses, which your guests did not drink in full, into a container instead of throwing it down the drain. You can reuse this water for washing utensils, or cleaning the floor. Better still, if you have not watered your plants, then do it!

2. Reusing Air-Conditioner Waste Water

One of things I did way back in my apartment was to redirect the AC water hose to a small storage container. It made me feel good to reuse water that comes out of the AC exhaust host, otherwise which is either lost as vapor or down the drain. Air conditioner’s drain water is like rain – because it forms from condensed water vapor, and it’s typically no more harmful. However, since the water can easily get contaminated, it is not recommended for drinking.

Modern day AC Units do come with an drain pipe, that is no longer than one ft. While it may not be enough, I recommend that you get yourself at least 3 ft. length of the pipe and then redirect the AC drain into a storage container. Once filled, use that to water the plants or wash your car with it.

Note: Do not let the water stagnate in the container, else this may become the breeding ground for mosquitoes and harmful bacteria.

3. Use sprinklers to watch your vehicles

It is easy to get carried away. Many buckets full of water, an already dirty cloth and your car or bike. Of course, in your thoughts you know that you should not waste so much of the water but you still won’t do it. Buy a sprinkler or re-use ones that you already have (I reuse Colin’s bottles).

You do not need to invest in sprinkler pumps or any fancy gadgets necessarily. You can start small, and still do good to the environment. You can use water that you collected in case of unused water from glasses or water collected from your air-conditioned unit.

4. Check Taps!

Leaking taps can waste a minimum of 50 liters of water in a day!

Leaking taps are one of the biggest cause of water wastage. I did not want to call out the term faucet, well because, it is better known as taps. Ensuring that your taps are not leaking can save at least 50 liters of water. Yes, fifty! You never realized it, did you?

5. Use #CuttingPaani

As per the Livpure campaign I mentioned earlier, use half glass of water when you do not need full. IT IS SIMPLE! And it makes complete sense. You can do that at almost anywhere! You can also sign a petition on Change.org to help promote this message.

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