All new Chrome tab with Google Search integrated, and how it benefits Google?

Google released an all new version of Chrome which includes major changes on the tab design and interface for Chrome Apps. The new change also brings Google Doodles for that country ( doodle for India) to tab and you do not have to open the site to see.

With Ominibar, a lot of people (like me) missed the Doodle since they hardly access the search engine’s home page. This may be a good way to force them to see the Google Doodle. At the same time, I know people who do not use Ominibar for search. For them, a visit to or is a must.

The Logo also is changed to reflect a more flat version than the current jelly type on home page. This new change has brought me couple of out of the box questions. What will this change do to Google’s analytics. Yes, right.

Since this is now a default option and very functional, people hitting Google’s home page will reduce to a large extent. Given Chrome is one of the most used browsers of late, this change is targeting both type of users who use and do not use the Ominibar.

So in a way, people hitting home page (or country homepages) will not hit them on the domain and instead will directly search.

For one, this saves a huge chunk of data costs for Google. Even though the home page is among the lightest of any webpages, people not hitting or country homepages will save Google hugely.

But this will also mean Google’s number of hits to the domain homepage will reduce as much. Will this indirectly cause Google to lose the No. 1 spot on global rankings?

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