Logo similarities… Force Motors and Fresh One Productions

Interesting things happen when you least expect it. And this time, it was while watching TV. As some of my blog readers already know, it’s no secret that I have a craze for watching Infotainment channels. And while watching the end of program on TLC (Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals) I found a rather interesting thing in the credits.

A Force Motors Logo?

The logo of Fresh One Productions. The immediate link-up I had made was if the logo was as same as that of Force Motor’s 2005 Logo revision. It appeared to be the same as Force Motors at first look. My immediate reaction was to check the web and confirm my doubts.

  • Force Motors is an Indian UV manufacturer, was knows as Bajaj Tempo in its earlier avatar.
  • Fresh One Productions is the production house of Jamie Oliver, a celebrity chef.

The two logos appear to be different upon close inspection. Fresh One logo has smoother lines on the F as compared to Force Motors, and due to this, the angle is not as same as Force Motors. Force Motors “F” icon has a cut on the right pop out hand, which is missing on the Fresh One logo – suggesting difference. And of course, the color orientation is different. Force Motors preferring a darker blue to Fresh One’s mild. But standalone, and you will be confused which is whose logo! At least till you see it many times over.

I feel either has been inspired by other. We do not know the reality, though. You can take a look at the Feature Image above and make your own assumptions.

Among other Indian company Logo that I had thought is similar (or inspired) was Mahindra’s new logo with Oldsmobile’s updated logo. Both the logos share the oval and have the road drawn upwards from Left bottom.

Mahindra, of course, is more modern since they re-branded logo icon very recently. The M shaped icon now only used on products like Scooters, Cars, Tractors and UVs, after their second re-branding, this time only the updated Text something similar to the one used on Commander brand of vehicles, in January 2013. The marketing and communications hardly show the M shaped icon.

There are among the many of the similarities in logos of Indian companies with other companies around the world. I am sure, there are many more to come. What do you say?

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