The Great Indian Elections of 2014

Coming soon is the great Indian Elections in year of 2014. So many of us have openly shared jokes and puns on the Congress and how their rule affected all of us for last 10 years. Many of us are seeing Modi as an icon who will help change all of that like magic.

I am of the opine that things will not change drastically, at least not in next 3 years. As such, the country has lost their faith in political rule and only hoping that someone would change this. Modi being the hope actually.

He has his troubled past, the 2002 riots behind him. The Party behind him has its ups and downs recently, and does not possess its own strength to rein the votes to Prime Minister-ship. It remains to be seen how strong it gets before the elections.

Many people have openly proclaimed their support for Modi after seeing what he has done for Gujarat. He has set up a great ambiance for investment, creation of Jobs etc. but the key investment he made was in Infrastructure. Specifically, the Road Network.

Those who have lived in Maharashtra and traveled to Gujarat will know by now that roads are much much more better than what you see here. Even remote areas like Kutch and its villages are well-connected. This helps a great deal to give a positive reflection of the state.

China is doing the same thing. It is building great highways with emphasis on quality, connecting its rural areas. I call it, Unlocking Value by building Roads.

Now, if you vote thinking of Modi, you will not get Modi as your MLA, MP or for any other position that directly affects your area or life. BJP is not even sure if Modi will be Prime Ministerial candidate. L. K. Advani’s resignation last month made a lot of things clear. Advani still hoists his wish to become the Prime Minister of India, and does not see eye-to-eye with Modi since his populace for the candidature. How BJP averted his resignation is yet to be answered…

With BJP in the powers, I foresee much turbulence in the already deteriorating Indo-Pak relationship. Today, Pakistan played another game by passing the resolution condemning “attacks” by Indian Military, while India has claimed it was the Pakistan Army who violated the LOC. Ceasefire agreement was signed between India and Pakistan in 2003. Or we see another set of communal issues, with Babari Masjid row and riots that followed are still fresh on mind of a lot of people.

You need to vote for the candidate apt for your region, area. A lot of times, one can feel the need not to vote when s/he do not see a right candidate. This is perfectly fine. The constitution of India gives you the rights to decide for yourself to vote or not to vote.

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