The law of the land

A short poem on the recent outbreak seeking screening of information on social network, ruining the rights to crib on internet!

The law of the land is made up of junk,
Only to serve the ministry’s punk,

Why no speech and no right to write,
It’s darkening the future bright,

Broadband is a revolution,
Cunningness is a crime,

Empower your children,
Not getting away and shine,

It is the new age my old friend,
Learn the better things of time,

Wild and crazy chimes,
Not everybody will mind,

Stop this nonsense,
To hold feelings back is crime,

Do not bring in new rules,
Don’t waste our time,

Do you want banners and we march?
To the nearest popular garden,

Stretch of green pastures,
Disturbed by our voice?

Don’t make us be rude,
This ain’t the time,

When growth and finance,
Is on everybody’s mind,

Work on the inflation,
For which you are flat in your face,

There are better things to do,
Better don’t be late…

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  • tushar

    Good one. Need to work on rhymes a bit…but all the poems ain’t supposed to be rhyming.. so never mind…

    • Hemal Shah

      Thank you bhai… I didnt choose to rhyme this time.. I normally do rhyme my other poems…

  • Seema

    Nice….thought provoking.

    • Hemal Shah

      Hey Seema, welcome to my blog and thank you very much for comments…