Left over pages turn into 1.5 lakh books!

Costly Reality: A Full-scale book in Mumbai costs anywhere between Rs. 15 to Rs. 70 depending over the quality/brand etc.

Something that began as an Award winning Idea from an inter college contest will now end up benefiting more than 15,000 underprivileged children. Its my esitmate considering a child is given atleast 10 books and not as the news paper said which was 1,50,000 students for 1,50,000 books. Around 2,500 students from various colleges have made over 1, 50,000 notebooks by using the leftover pages from books collected as part of the eco binding project.

Mumbai University now will be distributing them to underprivileged students in Maharashtra, for Free!
(Source Idea: DNA Newspaper, Daily, June 4, 2011, front page, bottom | Edited to breif)

I wanted to blog about this. Why not? Not because I want to blog about what I find in news papers, but this is a good deed. If we can all start a movement like this in many cities, I think we will be hitting a double whammy.

By doing this, we can start a culture of better utilization of paper and there by, saving more trees from being cut down.

Second, it will be greatfully helpful for the underprivileged and give them an opportunity to learn and be less bothered about the cost of education. Even though the Government Schools provide education with very very low to no fees at all, underprivileged families have to spend on the note books, text books etc. This may help them at least save little money and less worry about this cost.

If any one is interested in collaborating, please do let me know.

Post dedicated to the World Environment Day.

World Environment Day - 5th June
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  • Parth J Dave

    This is awesome, Hemal!! I would be really interested in collaborating on this project with you. I tons of unused paper with me that can really benefit a lot of people out there.

    • Hemal Shah

      Hey Parth,

      Thank you very much for your comment and welcome to my blog!! Sorry for a late reply. Will get in touch with you shortly over your mail.

  • zephyr

    Why, that’s a wonderful project — recycling at its best. Is it being done on an organised scale or just as a sporadic activity? This is the best news on the eve of World Environment Day.

    • Hemal Shah

      Even am searching more details on the same mam. I too wish to contribute to this, and instill this idea within my community. At present its one off, and dont know much details. Newspapers never divulged individual’s to be contacted for further conversations. Thats something I hate about Indian media (another post dedicated to it already).

      Yes, it came across as the best news for me too, as I was looking forward participate and blog about it. As I posted early morning and in a hurry to hit the bed, forgot to mention the same in the post. Will do that, thank you very much for reminding me that I missed it.