Mindless Expressions!

Okay, I know very well that its been high time I have blogged. Today I wanted write about something that one of my colleague sparked. Its about expressions.

Human expressions have been varied and vivid in nature but I wanna write a few that are an uncommon thought.

1. A slight movement in a Bus

This is funny. When you are standing in a bus waiting for a seat while traveling, you find this man / women moving a bit and Bang, you are just next to that seat in a moment. Hoping that person will get up and you can rest your body down! Even that’s an expression…

2. A Super Crowded Train

Imagine you are traveling in Mumbai’s super famous crowded trains where you always accidentally put your feet on someone else’s feet and then realize there is no place to keep it. You almost stand on a single leg when you see that frown on others’ face! Talk about expressions…

3. A Sweet Blink (mind you, with both the eyes and not one 😛 thats Wink!)

When you roam around in office and people whom you see everyday, they give you a smile and you reply with a Blink 🙂 Its also seen as a sign of assurance, but in this context, this is how you acknowledge people whom you dont know. It can start even conversations. (thanks to Varun Shridhar‘s Post which made me realize it but you will not find it on his blog now :P)

4. Waving Hands

Ever took a train journey when you were a kid? I for one had traveled long distances from 6 hours to 3 days two nights in a train. I always used to be at door ever since I felt being an teenager who had some daring. And waving hands at passers by even when the train is running at 70KMPH or more. That wave brings in smiles.. to me and the ones were stationary on the Earth by the railway lines.

5. That Hanging Head

I was once traveling back home on a lazy Saturday afternoon when I saw this very thin guy dosing off. His whole body was tilting to the right to left as much as 45°, as if he was a Palm tree in a desert storm. And when i woke him up, his expression was as if I asked him his kidneys!! Lolz..

6. The Peeping Tom caught Red Handed

I had this person working in office who always is so interested in listening to what others say. Be it about anything. The moment he senses some talks going on, without knowing what it is about, he will barge into the middle of the conversations and try to know what was the conversation all about. The funniest thing is that he even looks at other’s computers from standing right behind them and reads what he/she is tying on chat with a friend. That’s disgusting. And when he is caught peeping, that expression on his face is awesome!! He tries to shamefully smile and say “kuch nahi, i was just passing by”.. Lolz…

7. The Horrible Stare!

Have you come across some one who Stared at you for long? If you may have, chances are more that he was thinking of some(one/thing) else and you just happened to be in the way of his/her eye sight. You can see the victim even moving hands and trying to fetch something but he/she wont blink neither realize that they are staring at some one. 😛

8. Exactly Sir Syndrome!!

Reader ES is surprised how his colleague handles the questions from the boss:

How are you going to do this job?
Exactly Sir!

By when will you complete it?
Exactly Sir!

Are you going to do it at all?
Exactly Sir!

At this moment, the boss looks at him. The expression on both their faces is priceless!!

If you have more of these funny expressions that you have experienced, share with me under Comments. I will add up with a link back to your blog. 🙂

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