Tata Indica Adverts misleading

This is something I would have least expected from Tata Motors. Misleading customers.

If you carefully look at the image attached in the bigger font, they have written “Petrol Prices making you take the train?” and says out loud that at 25 kmpl, the Indica eV2 shown on the left is India’s most fuel efficient car.

When you closely look at the fine print at the bottom, its written that “ARAI Certified fuel efficiency of 25kmpl for the CR4 diesel engine“. If the Fuel Efficiency is 25kmpl for a Diesel engine, then why blare out and talk about Petrol?

Tata Motors campaign at Vashi station

This is nothing but a drive to make people think and go to Tata Motors. They should correct this at the earliest and make the amendments.

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  • umesh derebail

    Well yesterday when i went to see Hangover 2, i was surprised to witness the ticket counter girls asking for age proof or id proof to students. 4 tickets were denied since the students did not have id proof. The theatre lost business, i mean Inox since hardly 25% occupancy was prevalent.

    Corruption will always be there in the system, due to improper vigilance. I believe the company, police and RTO in combo should monitor the disposal of diesel through camera. The will should be there to implement the system. Colouring of diesel can be undertaken too.

  • umesh derebail

    I hope dual pricing comes into vogue and decontrol for diesel is carried out. Let the private white board cars pay up more. Let it be called Diesel plus or whatever. Petrol prices are artificially inflated because of this cross subsidy. I am no big fan of Tatas, because they too have changed the rules of the game, and joined the bandwagon in the rat race for market share. So when i say the advt is legitimate way of trying to reach the top of mind of consumers.

    • Hemal Shah

      hmmm, I agree about your view about the advert now.

      About dual pricing for cars and trucks, I think this will lead to more corruption, wont it? The Diesel for Trucks will find its way in Cars and that, still would be at premium but less than the decontrolled diesel.

  • umesh derebail

    The message is that switch from Petrol to diesel Indica by making a statement on Tag line. Leave your petrol car behind and take a train or switch to Indica diesel is the message.

    Diesel is comparatively is a highly polluting car, which is well known. This is the reason why govt buses in Delhi and someother places are being shifted to CNG.

    Diesel is highly subsidised therefore its burden is loaded on Petrol. I believe if decontrol is undertaken Petrol should logically be equal to diesel. Almost 10 to 15 Rs is currently loaded on to Petrol for subsidy.

    • Hemal Shah

      Thank you very much sir for clarification. Really appreciate this response.

      Okay, that seems to be the hidden message, but what I was crying foul about was they didn’t promoted the car as Diesel. It was just mentioned on the fine print below the car and still it was not clear if they were promoting the 25KMPL as Petrol engine or Diesel.

      I know that Diesel is subsidised more than Petrol so yes, in essence the Oil companies will bleed. It didn’t click me when I read your comments.

      The reason Diesel is subsidized is because all trucks run on Diesel. And if it is decontrolled, the prizes for all essential commodities will touch the roof. Already, we are finding it very difficult to manage the expenses with ever increasing prices.

      I think all Trucks in India should move to cleaner fuels like CNG or LNG. This will create an immediate demand for cleaner fuels and will create a base for the increase in supply. Better still, India should pioneer implementation of Fuel-cell / Hybrid / Electric mode of transport for moving commodity goods.

  • umesh derebail

    I believe TATA s want to grab attention by creating controversy, it is an all out war in the automobile field. Technically i feel the advt is right in my opinion, but promoting consumption of diesel is not environment friendly and will make petroleum companies bleed.

    • Hemal Shah

      Its all out war in the auto industry I very much agree, but this is not the way to promote a diesel car.

      I always have a soft corner for Tata’s, even after this incident. So that wont change, but then its about communicating the right thing. Its a interesting campaign which attracts a lot of people and surely, it has hit the markets well.

      I didnt get your point of how technically the advert is right, can you explain? And also that how will promoting diesel make the petroleum companies bleed? I really wish to understand these details and would be great if you can shower some light 🙂

  • sujith

    The ad is targeted for Alto/i10 customers thats why petrol is mentioned.

    • Hemal Shah

      Welcome to my Blog Sujith.

      I agree that advert is targeted for Alto or for that matter, i10 customers but still its misleading. For one, I wont expect to shell out higher money for a diesel car when my running is not that much per month. And the obvious, it is wrong way to say that you have a 25KMPL Diesel car and blaring the headlines with “Petrol”

  • Sherin Dev

    Appreciate your analytical capacity… you have even went through the little known spots in the thread…. keep it up..

    • Hemal Shah

      Thank you Sherin! Welcome to my Blog!!

  • Anwin

    Wow man, that is really astute of you. TATA are you aware you are misleading your customers?

    • Hemal Shah

      Thank you dude! Welcome to ma Blog!!