Happy New Year! A New Theme too

Wishing all my visitors and regulars a very Happy New Year. From this new year, for me things remain largely (i.e. except date) unchanged and all I am looking forward to is having happier times ahead 🙂

I had planned for the theme change since end of last year, and here I am. I had penned good bye to my last theme Pixel and gone for Comet, a very light theme with 7 color color options and as with every other wordpress theme, highly customizable. There are some changes I wish to do now to optimize the pages to meet Google Page Speed and Y!Slow.

In the mean while, I would like to have your humble review of the color and theme in general. I am not keen on using Heavy graphics this time around. I like this color and hence pasted it in the background. Once again fellas, wishing you a Happy New Year

PS: Not that i will change this color, but yes suggestions are welcome 😛

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