What is your favorite topping for a Pizza?

Fascination of fast food in India is ever growing and am sure almost every one who will be visiting my blog would have had some day or other ordered a Pizza at least once in their lives. Except my mom, coz I always had ordered it for her :P.

Having said that, there are many who live now only to eat pizza and just go mad and crazy when they are offered a piece. With so many toppings and different layer crust available today, I just went online to search of the most loved Pizza topping in India. I havent found anything thats Veg and hence I wont include that here.

I swear by Dominos when it comes to Pizza and like their Veg Extravaganza and Deluxe Vegie the most. Golder Corn, exotic Black Olives, crunchy Onion, [crisp Capsicum,  succulent Mashroom, juicy fresh Tomatoes – that i don’t like and remove it from the pizza :P)] and Jalapeño wit extra cheese to go all around.

For me an ideal topping list for a Pizza is as follows.

Panner (Cottage Cheese) with Black olives, Double Extra Cheese, Golden Corn, Onions, baked Beans, Jalapeño,  all on one platter of pizza which has a cheese crust.

Addition: I had forgot to mention, lots of Oregano

What is that you would like to have? What is your Favorite Pizza Topping?

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