Bernie Ecclestone does an ad-vantage

F1 superemo, 80 years old Bernie Ecclestone is a man you hardly can associate with failure. On 25 November, Bernie had been attacked by a group of unknown strangers last month outside his offices in Knightsbridge, as thieves made off with his personal belongings including Jewellery after bruising him badly – including his £11,000 Hublot watch.

Instead of being shy and feeling embarrassed, the advent business man that he is, he immediately called up CEO of Hublot and shared his picture with a bruised eye and under lip with an idea for an advertisement, with a caption – “see what people will do for a Hublot”. Both with an equal sense of humor agreed to it as a brilliant PR opportunity, then came up the advertisement which showed up (un-edited) in the local newspapers yesterday.

Bernie Ecclestone – Bruised and Battered but not Shattered!

It read “See what people will do for a Hublot” with a warning that “Hublot condemns all forms of  violence and racism”

Following his attack, Ecclestone was quoted by as saying, “if I had worn my Tag Heuer they probably wouldn’t have bothered.” You can expect this billionaire to come up with the best ideas under whatever circumstances, a man who can make money of any thing that’s thrown to him.

However the advertisement itself has come under severe criticism as much as it has received the positives. Critics have mouthed that this advert, to be published in yesterday’s (8th December) Financial Times and International Herald Tribune in the UK, will either rake in the sales in or make it challenging to sell the brands watches. Experts say that this advertisement will portray Hublot as a brand that is not boring or generic.

On the negatives, buyers might be cautioned about buying the product facing a similar backlash situation. Certainly, not every one is a Bernie. 🙂

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  • Sanjeetha

    he is really a man to be applauded and our politicians should take a leaf off barnie

    • hemal

      Yes Sanjeetha, thats a different take 🙂

      politicians should take a leaf off Bernie’s bizzare but highly effective PR initiative.

      thanks for the visit

  • pramod

    out of words to express. Great article. and I sincerely applaud bernie.

    • Hemal Shah

      yeah Promodji.. commendable isn’t it?