Airtel Ad: Timeless Goodbye

I liked this ad so much. The new Airtel ad where the boy or the girl tells goodbye to each other but keep meeting each other within a fraction of a second. What I really like about this is to show the importance of relationships that are hard to part with. If there are any fans of this ad, post a comment on how you feel about this ad. Two television commercials are created by the agency JWT, the brand’s creative partner, are currently on-air.

The TVC begins with the couple who looks very sad as they are being separated. However, the very next moment, the guy finds the girl in a nearby cafe and is very excited to see her. Later as they walk down the street and say goodbye to each other and this time, the girl turns away, again only to see her guy again in a cab. They get into the taxi and travel for sometime and then guy asks the cabbie to stop the taxi. Next as the guy turns, the girl comes running towards the guy and hugs him. They enter a metro station and once again are very sad, as the young guy boards a train. As the train leaves, the girl once again meets the guy on the platform and happily hugs him.

There are so many people who stay apart from each other as they cannot be together, and this ad shows that distance can really be reduced.

After seeing this Advert, my dad said to me that he had wished that decades ago if this was possible.

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Update: The were numerous queries hitting this blog post asking who is the girl in the Airtel Timeless Goodbye Advert. She is Clio and she has modeled for American Apparel. Thanks to Ashish for this information.

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