ChangeMind Ver 1.0 – No more caste differences

I have heard a lot of my friends falling flat on face when it comes to the magic word “Love”.

What is love?

Wikipedia explains it as follows – “Love is the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.”

People fall in love with a lot of things, but the most emotional of course is a human being in love with another human being. Nothing compares to this feeling of being loved and loving someone more than you love yourself.

However, being in India you can sure come up with a lot of exceptions… Of late, you hear it often on the national news channels about honor killings. What two people on this earth did was just loved each other and wanted to live with each other. What hurt their parents / relatives is exactly that?

Love happens. You can’t decide whom to love. When a mother gives birth to a child, she loves him/her because they are special to her, and not because she has to love them.

India is a magical country in many ways than one.

The one technology that I really wish that would exist would be to get rid of the caste differences in people’s brains and teach them the real meaning of Love. To attain something that would rather be used for one’s good. I know I am sounding really superficial here, and not with a sound mindset at present. I want something invented that would get rid of inter caste differences.

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  • Deepak

    aWEsome thinking man…

    • Hemal Shah

      ha ha, wish i could develop something like this…

  • Pallavi

    Noble thoughts here… so I voted for you at Indiblogger!!

    • Hemz

      Welcome to my blog and Thank you for your comment Pallavi… and yeah, thanks for the vote too… 🙂

  • Nikita

    amazing !!!

    caste differences and all are so….cheap and disgusting…

    how can you ever judge a man by his / her religion..all of it goes above my head !!

    • Hemz

      no one can judge a person by his/her religion. caste differentiation in any form is stupid

  • mario dcunha

    hey voted for you on indiblogger… could you please vote for me too???

    • Hemz

      Sorry.. i am not in for vote-for-me-i-will-vote-for-you scheme.

  • Annie

    There is nothing to cheer about..

    • Hemz

      Be happy…

  • mayank sharma

    Its these stupid caste differences tht make me wanna shout “what the khap! ” ! But ssly, casteism can only b uprooted if youngsters really put their foot down to maximum extent tht they can…..

    – Mayank

    • Hemal

      the reason why I am asking for this technology is that we need the change now, not two or three generations down the line.

      whats the point when i see people close to me loose their beloved ones, a lifetime worth of happiness, just because of this stupid caste system?

  • Avada Kedavra

    Technology to erase caste system? that would be really good.. I have a feeling that our generation is going to be much better, in terms of dealing with such issues.. Hopefully in 2-3 generations, we will get rid of the caste system completely! Voted for your post! 🙂 Good luck for the contest..

    • Hemal

      Yes, hope that future generations wont have to face this issue.. but the current creed will for sure do a lot of damage to the future.

      and thanks for the vote.

  • Vineet

    Technology to remove caste differences? hehe. it cant get crazier than this! But I am wondering how we can actually do this?

    Doesn’t twitter have its own caste differences? Where some people never follow you back and only after more and more followers?

    Just trolling!

    Nice post man!

    • Hemz

      Yeah Vineet… Its crazy but I have a lot of friends who are subject to this… having heart breaks and pain… more often ruining their life… i have seen people in so much pain coz of this… why cant two people who love each other have to sacrifice their happiness, their choice for a life partner just because their family thinks caste difference is the most important thing… compatibility too is checked basis horoscopes, and after marriage two people try hard to make it work and they click at times… in the past, the girls didnt had much voice but to suffer it out, but the future is not gonna be the same. now wives are loud in a relationship. the only fear that this would ruin a reputation of the family is what keeps them away from being too much vocal. but are they happy with that? never, will they be happy. And when 10 to 20 years down the line, they look at the past, they would literally curse.. mark my words… they would…

      how we can do this? well we can come up with a brain wave algorithm.. that can correct thoughts.. and reset them to equality..

      as for twitter, no comments on the followers. Its a choice to follow someone or not. I don’t follow anyone or everyone.

  • Avneesh Sharma

    I think being human is not less than nything(at least any technology)..we all are human and we just need think in the right way..
    I know only one cant do nything..a combined effort is required..

    • Hemz

      thats exactly where the problem lies dude… you cant change the mindset of people…

  • Mohan

    There is no need to invent anything new. All it needs is a shift in the thinking paradigm of people mindset. It is a mental barrier than anything except to accept the way it is for most of indians.

    • Hemz

      How do we make this shift happen? There are a lot of people who are affected by this. How much ever they try, its been proved futile. Parents end up not talking, even disowning their own children.

  • Gopal

    This technology will surely help many of us including me who is/will be a strong victim of such discrimination. But we cannot sit and wait for a magic to happen. Someone has to write the algorithm and others have to execute it.

    • Hemz

      The biggest challenge would be to get these people subject to the medication… may be we can work towards development of such a subset of codes.

  • Charu

    “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option!”

    • Hemz

      yeah, very true dear..

      • Annie

        i dunno wht is caste difference, all i can say is the belief of the same community imbibed in ppl that makes them oppose love, not tryin to defend anyone just saying wht i feel like..
        Let anyone oppose or suppress the feeling of love. true love never dies thoh it cant be shown..

        • Hemz

          welcome to my blog!
          beliefs are different for different people, the differentiation basis the caste and language, color etc is inhuman. yes, true love never dies, but when not shown, both are in pain. cheers! thanks for commenting