ChangeMind Ver 1.0 – No more caste differences

I have heard a lot of my friends falling flat on face when it comes to the magic word “Love”.

What is love?

Wikipedia explains it as follows – “Love is the emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.”

People fall in love with a lot of things, but the most emotional of course is a human being in love with another human being. Nothing compares to this feeling of being loved and loving someone more than you love yourself.

However, being in India you can sure come up with a lot of exceptions… Of late, you hear it often on the national news channels about honor killings. What two people on this earth did was just loved each other and wanted to live with each other. What hurt their parents / relatives is exactly that?

Love happens. You can’t decide whom to love. When a mother gives birth to a child, she loves him/her because they are special to her, and not because she has to love them.

India is a magical country in many ways than one.

The one technology that I really wish that would exist would be to get rid of the caste differences in people’s brains and teach them the real meaning of Love. To attain something that would rather be used for one’s good. I know I am sounding really superficial here, and not with a sound mindset at present. I want something invented that would get rid of inter caste differences.

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