Painfully Sweet Memories

I have been out of Blogging for a high time now and hope to start blogging regularly again.

What prompted me to write this blog today has a lot to do with relationships that I have shared with a few, but very important individuals in my life. Some spent time together with me because I was a close friend, some did that because I was a bit more than their best friends.

But it often happens that the people we tend to miss a lot give you more of that opportunity. And today was one such day that I missed a very special friend. Of course I will not be able to name them, and you may not even know that person. When friendship gets real close, you get used to being with that person and when he/she moves away, you miss them a lot. Even if you are still in touch, a change in that relationship is always gonna hurt you more.

This hurt is also sweet. By Sweet, I mean to say that you enjoy thinking about those memories that make you happy and wish he/she were still there with you. I dont know if you understand my feelings, because I am not really clear what should I reveal and what should not since the other person should not really read this.

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