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Foster’s AOC (Art of Chilling) party is an exclusive [only by Invite] event.

For me, the last two months have been very hectic… that was also evident from my blog. I did justice only once a month, effectively, two posts in two months. Which is sad but lets just hope things to change! Sorry my regulars…

So let me take you back to what I want to share. Good friend Renie Ravin, the Founder and Web Architech of send a mail informing the exclusive entry pass available for me so that I can unwind myself. It was for the Foster’s Art of Chilling. Last time around too I had got an invite, but I wasnt able to go. But this time, I was destined to.

These guys know how to party, and Foster’s is really famous for that. I had asked all my lady friends out, and a few agreed… So finally, I had two of the ladies coming but there was a problem. I had to get the number of people in Even numbers, so either I had to get a friend along or I had to get one more lady.

I rang up Renie many times to confirm which combination will work for me and updated the status so that I can secure passes. He was patient and always took the call and tried to help out. Finally, it did work out.

We reached the  event albeit late owning to the honky traffic at Kurla. The journey towards the event was actually bad but so immersed were we in the thought “Art of Chilling” that we did not feel we were wasted by the traffic.

Location: The Club, Andheri West, Mumbai
Event: The Foster’s Art of Chilling


To start off with, the music that was being played was cool and was going with the environment. For those who dont drink Beer, there was a special arrangement. The Coconut. The moment you had that with a Pool side party gives you a Hawaiian kick. That is why I keep saying that these guys know how to to Rock!

The food was awesome and in numerous variety to suite different tastes. The moment some one has a can of the Foster’s Beer within such an environment, it can send chills down your spine.

Foster’s Rock.

Disclaimer: This article contains mention of Alcoholic drink. I, in no way endorse the consumption.

Update: The images were deleted following a server virus attack on the website. I am sorry 🙁

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