Women and their addiction to men's height!

Once I was having a lighter discussion with my mom when she revealed that she would have preffered a taller man to a same heighted or slightly tall. My dad is taller, but not much. During those days women hardly get to choose. Ever since, I am still trying to find out why women like taller men. When I say taller, it means taller atleast by 5′ taller.

Crica 2009

Just because I really didnt had any mood to work today, I tried to do a small research (read: bird watching) on Shaadi.com. I saw a few beautiful girls there, but what surprised me here was that most of the good looking girls there had set parameters similar to what I described above. Height was important for them.

I am 5″3′ tall and am fair and when I looked at those women who share the same height as mine wanted someone who was 5″8′ tall.

I Googled it and found out that some of these females associate men’s height with security. How in the world does that assure security? Its a mind game. Women would not like to look down on their men and speak. Its about women’s cofidence. Taller men’s perciption of being more confident is because they have grown up looking down which again is some sort of mind game.

Women wish their partner should stand taller to them even when they wear heels. Women are biologically programmed to find a partner who can provide them better security and to reproduce with better genes. So from that prespective, taller men have better genes assumeably and hence are favorite among women.

Also noticeable fact is that women who are really tall don’t mind dating a shorter guy and vice versa.

Typical to Asia and South America, men and women are generally shorter and taller people are less than shorter people. Which is the case with India where more men are short.

How much I wish I was any taller then? Being lazy in teenage did paid…

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  • Animesh

    LOL buddy, are you being sexist here?

    • Hemal Shah

      haha no no, am just sharing the facts..

      PS: apologies for the delay in replying 😛

  • Annie

    Yeah hemal its in womens genes to go for guys who are taller as they feel safe and gives them assurance of being secured and the manly thing….u know what i mean… i ofcourse know its just a mind setting, but then yes its true..
    Nonetheless when you love someone you accept them the way they are…

  • Neha Gandhi

    Hi you have quite a good collection of blog posts… nicely written. Would you like to share your posts on wwww.mumbaikar.com too? Please do get in touch with me at neha.gandhi@mumbaikar.com if you are interested.
    Thanks..!! 🙂

    • Hemal Shah

      Certainly Neha. Just let me know which ones you would like to pull.

  • sanp11

    I think taller men appear to be more confident.”Ready to conquer the world” type.

    • Hemz

      Hey, thanks for visiting Sanp. Yes, it does appear that Taller men are confident, however it is also not necessary that shorter men arent confident.

  • Kshitij

    Nice. Really friendly color scheme.

  • Avada Kedavra

    Hey nice post.. I agree with you.. I, being a girl, find taller men more attractive.. I think it’s the hormones that make us admire taller men 🙂

    • Hemz

      yes, that is what I said when I mentioned “Women are biologically programmed to find a partner who can provide them better security and to reproduce with better genes. ”

      Its with in women to find an ideal partner. With laws of nature, women is programmed to find a parter to reproduce who might offer better genes to create a even better “baby” human.